PM David Cameron Buys Used Car To Prove “He’s One Of Us”

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Prime Minister David Cameron purchases second-hand used car

British Prime Minister David Cameron, or Dodgy Dave as he’s often referred to in the Commons, swung by a used car centre over the weekend to buy a second hand car for his wife. 

A local car dealer had a surprising visit from the PM, who apparently wanted to buy a £1,500 Nissan Micra for his wife Samantha. Thus apparently proving the Mr Cameron is a commoner just like everyone else. reports:

“I just thought it was one of my friends having a wind up, obviously, as you do,” Mr Harris told the Independent. But when the PM actually turned up he thought: “Oh my god, it is Mr Cameron and he is here and it’s not a wind-up.”

Mr Cameron, who represents the Witney constituency, settled on a blue Nissan Micra which had two previous owners and told Mr Harris the car would be for his wife Samantha.

“He was just like a normal bloke buying a car for his wife,” Mr Harris says. “No airs or graces. That was it really […] take away all the security people around and it was just a chap buying a car and that was it.”

Mr Harris says the Prime Minister’s mechanical knowledge was limited to that of the everyday person. He looked over the car during his half-hour visit before returning on Saturday morning to pay the asking price of £1,495 by card.

Mr Harris said their conversation was limited to cars and stayed clear of politics.

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