Kirby Tells Americans Not To Believe Anything Putin Said During Tucker Carlson Interview

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John Kirby

John Kirby has warned Americans watching Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin, that they should not be swayed by the Russian president’s arguments criticizing the Ukraine war effort.

It appears that Biden’s National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications is trying to downplay the significance of the interview showing that the establishment is frantically panicking thinking they may lose control of the narrative.

Piror to the interview, Hilary Clinton also smeared Tucker as a “useful idiot” further illustrating the globalists fear it will expose the lies and facts behind the conflict.

InfoWars reports: Speaking to reporters at a White House briefing Thursday, Kirby was asked whether the administration was worried Tucker’s interview could hurt Americans’ support for the war in Ukraine.

“The American people know well who’s at fault here? And I think they know that there was no ground whatsoever for the Invasion on February 22nd two years ago,” Kirby said.

“He invaded a neighboring country without provocation. Ukraine wasn’t a threat to anybody, and the American people understand that, and the American people understand what Ukraine’s fighting for. And all they’re asking for is our help. They’re not asking for American boots on the ground,” he continued.

The Biden national security adviser added the interview likely won’t change peoples’ minds on the matter, and that anything said by the Russian president should be dismissed.

“Again, I don’t think the American people are going to be swayed by one single interview. And I think anybody that watches that interview – again, I haven’t seen – whatever said, need to make sure you’re – remember, you’re listening to Vladimir Putin, and you shouldn’t take at face value anything he has to say,” Kirby said.

Below is Carlsons interview with Putin:

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