FBI Warns of ‘Imminent Terror Attack’ Due to Influx of Illegals

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FBI warns terror attack on US soil is imminent due to migrant invasion

The FBI has issued a chilling warning about an ‘imminent terror attack’ on U.S. soil that will arise due to the influx of illegals pouring through the southern border.

According to an ABC News bulletin, U.S. intelligence officials are warning that “radicals in the US might respond to ISIS calls for similar attacks in the wake of last month’s deadly terrorist attack at a concert hall in Moscow.” 

Zerohedge.com reports: The bulletin said “lone wolves” might be compelled to attack public venues following the attack at a popular concert hall complex near Moscow last month. It warned that individuals who are not members of ISIS could also unleash attacks. 

Given this new warning, and what has the national intelligence community up at night, is President Biden and Democrat’s disastrous open southern borders that flooded the nation with millions of unvetted migrants – some of whom are military-aged men from countries that deeply hate America. 

The hearing last month with Wray emphasized how the nation is more vulnerable than ever because open southern borders have allowed bad actors to infiltrate deep within the borders under the guise of ‘migrants.’  

In late March, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, warned ABC’s “This Week” that human smuggling group with reported ties to ISIS will “most certainly use [their network] to move operatives into the United States.”

Just days ago, a US counter-terrorism official told the New York Post that ISIS-K terrorists are growing “bolder,” and its members could be preparing to flood the nation through the southern border. 

The source warned: “An attack on US soil is definitely a possibility.” 

Meanwhile, a rogue Iranian assassin is already roaming the US, hunting for current and former government officials. 

And, remember last month when New York Governor Kathy Hochul mobilized 1,000 National Guard troops and State Police officers, some of whom were armed with machine guns, to patrol NYC’s subway system. This kind of response by the government wasn’t due to migrants but likely terror threats. 

All of this is happening right before the elections… 

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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