Canadian Police Ordered To Arrest Hugely Successful ‘Pedophile Hunters’

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Canadian police now tracking people's negative behavior for risk database

Canadian police have been ordered to arrest members of hugely successful groups of pedophile hunters, while the predators they have exposed are allowed to walk free.

Over the last few years, child sex rings are finally being exposed after years of official cover-ups and citizen groups are now tackling the creeping epidemic of pedophilia head on.

There are dozens these pedophile hunter groups operating in Canada, and many more in the United States and other countries. They pose as underage children on sites where kids gather and bait the trap. When they lure a pedophile taking interest in the “child” they play along until the pedophile sets up a meet, then they confront him with a video camera and hand the evidence to police.

The press has reported on many convictions, entirely down to the efforts of these groups, who have decided that if the police are not going to do their job and investigate these pedophiles, then they will get their hands dirty and do the job themselves.

But now, Canadian police have been ordered to put a stop to these groups, and police officers have been ordered to arrest the pedophile hunters.

The reason?  Well, it’s more of an excuse that a reason, but what is being reported is that “pedophile hunters don’t safeguard the privacy of the victims.” Furthermore, pedophile hunters engage in “harrassment” of the pedophiles. This is a wondrous example of double-think: because in the eyes of the Canadian authorities, the only “victims” are the pedophiles who have been exposed.

Quebec police announced Thursday that six people pedophile hunters have been arrested as part of an investigation into a group that had drawn complaints from pedophiles. None of the pedophiles exposed by the hunters were arrested by the police.

Police in the city of Gatineau say the pedophile hunters would film their meetings with pedophiles after contacting them online, posting the videos on social media.

In order to lure the pedophiles, the group sometimes used sexually explicit photos, faked to give the impression that the subjects were underage.

“There were exchanges of photos during conversations [online] and what the law says, when you share a photo, that it is explicit pornographic material and that you claim that it represents a person of age minor, even if it really isn’t, it becomes child pornography,” constable Andrée East told the Canadian Press. “It’s considered as such, even if in truth it doesn’t really represent the body of a minor person.”

Canadian parents and families are well within their rights to be very suspicious of what is going on here. Pedophile hunters, who have been hugely successful in exposing online creeps and perverts, are being arrest for the “crime” of using photos of consenting adults (who appear to be very young) in order to lure pedophiles and expose their depraved crimes.

Meanwhile, the police are refusing to arrest pedophiles, and apologizing to them for the “harassment” they endured.

For more than a decade, Quebec police have been pleading with the vigilante groups to stop their “hunts”. In January, after receiving multiple complaints, the police issued a release again warning people against involving themselves with “cyberpredator hunters” in the region.

“In no case can a person take justice into their own hands, even if they are the victim of a crime, whatever it may be,” the police said in a statement.

But if the police are under orders not to investigate and arrest pedophiles, who will do this job for society?

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