Madison County Authorities Investigating Mysterious Cattle Mutilations In Texas

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The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death and mutilation of cattle in Texas.

In a public notice released on Wednesday this week they informed locals that six different cows in “different locations, pastures, and herds” had recently been found mutilated under suspicious circumstances.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office explained how ranchers had found a dead 6-year-old longhorn-cross cow mutilated with “precision” cuts to the side of its face, “leaving the meat under the removed hide untouched.”

InfoWars reports: Continuing, the announcement stated, “The tongue was also completely removed from the body with no blood spill. It was noted there were no signs of struggle and the grass around the cow was undisturbed. No footprints or tire tracks were noted in the area.”

Adding to the strangeness of the mutilation is the fact no animals or birds would scavenge the dead cow’s carcass, which then took several weeks to decay.

The police said their investigation led them to find out five other mutilations took place nearby in Brazos County and Robertson County.

In each of the incidents the same exact precise cuts to the faces of the cattle were found and again there was no blood, tracks or signs of struggle in the grass.

In the other mutilations scavengers again refused to eat the carcasses for several weeks.

Two of the cows investigated had their “anus and the external genitalia” cut and removed with the “same precision as the cuts noted around the jaw lines of each cow.”

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is aware of similar reports being made across America and is working with other agencies to solve the mysterious cattle deaths.


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