‘COVID Was a Scam’: Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia Killed Millions – Bombshell Study

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COVID pandemic was a scam, the ventilators killed millions - new study reveals

A new study by researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois has confirmed that the millions of deaths in the early days of the pandemic were caused by ventilators, which gave patients ventilator-acquired pneumonia. The virus itself was harmless.

SARS-CoV-2 was a harmless mild illness, afflicting most people with little more than cold or mild flu-like symptoms. The mainstream media and Big Pharma, however, was told and incentivized to make it appear like Covid-19 was extremely deadly, which resulted in millions of scared and vulnerable citizens being killed by the “treatment” modalities they were offered.

One of the deadly treatments was ventilators, which caused patients who otherwise would have survived to develop a serious case of ventilator-acquired pneumonia. According to Northwestern scientists, this is why millions died – not because of the mild virus itself.

“Covid itself has a ‘relatively low mortality rate’ compared to other respiratory illnesses, the researchers found after examining about 600 patients with severe pneumonia,” journalist Alex Berenson reported on his Substack. “Yet Covid patients remained intubated longer than other patients and developed secondary bacterial infections more often.”

“Those extra infections caused many deaths in Covid patients, the researchers wrote. More patients may have died from the bacterial infections than Covid itself.”

Naturalnews.com reports: This revelation is really bad news for the corporate media and establishment medicine, both of which aggressively pushed for all admitted covid patients to have a ventilator smashed over their breathing holes. These same entities then tried to blame President Donald Trump for not doing enough to “save lives” by imposing even more medical tyranny.

Early on in the scamdemic when Trump openly stated that he did not believe the medical establishment needed so many ventilators, let alone even more ventilators after their overuse created a shortage, he was blasted by the powers that be for spreading “misinformation.”

“Doctors often preemptively put patients on ventilators,” The Wall Street Journal reported in December 2020, noting that the medical establishment’s excuse for ventilator overuse is that it would help protect hospital staff from “catching covid” from patients breathing out covid “viral particles.”

It was already long established at the time that putting patients on mechanical ventilation, especially for long periods of time, is really dangerous because tracheostomy tubes “are a highway to bacterial lung infections,” to quote Berenson, who warns that ventilator-acquired pneumonia is very difficult to treat, even with powerful antibiotics.

“The importance of VAP [ventilator-acquired pneumonia] as a driver of mortality in patients with COVID-19 has been underestimated,” wrote the researchers behind the new study, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The truth about ventilators eventually came out, resulting in many hospitals simply abandoning them altogether. This resulted in truckloads of brand-new ventilators having to be given away – though nobody wanted them, so most ended up in landfills.

“By then, though,” Berenson notes, “it was too late for Covid patients admitted – and ventilated – in 2020.”

“It is incredible the speed at which the – once revered – medical profession was effortlessly dismantled,” wrote one of Berenson’s readers about what covid did – or perhaps simply brought to light – concerning the deeply embedded corruption within the medical establishment.

“Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s right-hand man, once said: ‘Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome,’” – and, man, was this right as far as what happened during covid, resulting in millions of needless deaths.


  1. I used to be a bio weapon instructor. I sumized that they were putting Ricn powder in the ventalators to finish off the patients to get some true body counts up to report to the press.
    You see, some of the traveling nurses were actually hit teams employed by the CIA.
    They would work in squads and pick victims that had not much family ties to minimize blow back.

    The symptoms were remarkably exact to a Ricin inhalation.

  2. The retired director of the European Centre for Disease Control was one of my first informants and so I knew right from the very start it was harmless to everyone except basically terminally ill geriatrics or badly immune compromised persons.

  3. And the mandatory usage of remdesivir (rundeathisnear) that reduces the oxygen saturation in the blood was used to force the victim onto the ventilator!! There should be lots of murder trials ongoing!

  4. I forgot to mention, remember when all the companies demanded employees that didn’t get the vax, they had to submit to a covid test. Well, to perpetuate the covid fear porn, the test kit manufacturers spiked a large percentage of swabs with bacterial pnemonia spores to get people a lung infection, hence the deep swabbing technique, to get the spores in there. The nurses knew nothing about it, they were just useful idiots.

    I did get the walking pnemonia just after my first test. However, they called it covid. I have had walking pnemonia at least 3 times before and was really familiar with the symptoms and reconized it as bacterial pnemonia. I called my doctor over the zoom, and I took control of the narrative, because I knew everything was covid to all the doctors. I told him I had walking pnemonia again and last time I had this I took “z pack” and it went away. He gave me a prescription, and the subject of Covid never came up, and I didn’t tell him I tested positive. He was the assistant doctor, and he didn’t know.

    Well the z pack work very quickly and completely and was amazing. after day two of the meds I was over the hill. by day five I was a day better already.

    The follow up visit on Zoom, the assistant doctor was annoyed with me. He asked me why I didn’t tell him about the postive covid test? I told him, that I didn’t want him to get stuck on covid, because I knew what it was. He was angry. but I told him he made me all better. that didn’t matter, i think I was supposed to have covids, and no medications was to be given to me, to try and get me into a hospital and get the phony numbers up.

    This entire thing was a psyop, and the some how got all the doctors to forget their medical training. astonding. The power of printed money.

  5. Yep, the Deep State is howling victory as people are dying like flies.

    Of course these are not Talking Points for the Deep State candidates Biden and DeSantis.

  6. Cause of death unknown Big Pharma & the selling manifest12film
    You tube
    Always the same always the opposite.

    • And if you watch then maybe understand some of the science perspective at least of so many scientific publishing industry as well as researchers with Epstein. It’s the global market they want controlled.

      • “all of these diseases are caused by wiring”. OK? The heart is controlled by electrical impulses The body is wired, the brain is wired Infra red is the communication medium. All ectrucal appliances produce electromagnetic fields All fields cause interactions. Join the dots. All these diseases.
        Their goose that lays the golden egg Electricity.

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