Israel’s Sees Historic COVID Explosion Following Rollout of 4th Shot

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Israel sees massive Covid explosion following 4th shot rollout

Israel has seen an historic explosion in Covid infections this week following the rollout of the 4th Covid jab.

According to data by the Israeli Health Ministry, 67,198 new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported in Israel on Sunday, with 9.63% of tests returning positive reports: Israeli health experts are already recommending a 4th Covid-19 booster type of shot for adults in the nation aged 18 and older. The rollout for the fourth shot began just about a month ago, which BLP covered at the time. Citizens of the country have largely already been coerced into taking the previous third booster shot as they are currently required to show a vaccine passport, dubbed the ‘green pass,’ in order to participate in virtually all aspects of modern life including attending concerts, dining at restaurants, exercising at gyms, and in many cases even earning money in order to make a living.

Interestingly, reporting by the mainstream media has indicated that some hospitals in Israel have stated that the 4th Covid-19 inoculation dose “provides only limited defense against the omicron variant that is raging around the world.”

The Israeli government also recently announced the shortening of a previous mandatory quarantine period of seven days to five days in order to help keep the economy running. Some have questioned if Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s decision to shorten the period was politically motivated, especially because the United States Center For Disease Control and Prevention had also abruptly lowered their “Recommended Isolation and Quarantine Period for General Population” criteria to 5 days as well just less than a month ago.


  1. What the phuck is wrong with these morons? Are they that stupid not to make the connection between the clot shot and the increase.

    • Those are the ones with the strong delusion that the Bible talks about. No point in breaking your head over them.

  2. From blacklisted news article, attorneys see 300 %increase in miscarriages etc
    One of the biggest takeaways here is that the data is beyond reproach and widely accessibly by the DoD, CDC, FDA, and across the Biden-Harris regime. In other words, they are all very well aware that the jabs are almost certainly causing an untenable increase in cancer in otherwise young and healthy military-age Americans and they’re keeping that information away from the people.“

  3. The vaccines weren’t intended to stop the virus…
    They were intended to prevent natural immunity and herd immunity.

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