Robert Downey Jr.: Las Vegas Shooting Was ‘Satanic Blood Sacrifice’

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The Las Vegas shooting was a "Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests", according to Robert Downey Jr.

The Las Vegas shooting was a “Satanic blood sacrifice to please occult interests“, according to Robert Downey Jr., who claims the establishment elite are now living in fear of President Donald Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp, including his strong campaign to arrest pedophiles.

The elite have now “accelerated their agenda, bringing their endgame closer,” claims Robert Downey Jr., explaining that they want to “turn America into a prison.”

Robert Downey Jr., who has been in Atlanta filming the latest installment of the Marvel “Avengers” series, also lashed out at the official narrative surrounding the Las Vegas shooting, telling production staff that he has stayed at Mandalay Bay and there is no way alleged shooter Stephen Paddock could have smuggled 27 high-powered weapons into his hotel suite.

I’ve been to that hotel [Mandalay Bay], they have special weapons detectors installed and there is no way they would have allowed weapons in unless they were cooperating with either a federal law enforcement team or, you know, a fake law enforcement team.

The whole story stinks to high heaven.”

In August the Iron Man star exposed a huge Hollywood network of pedophilia, prostitution, and human trafficking that involves a whole host of what he described as “sick f*cks“.

Now Downey Jr. is taking aim at the deep state.

You know there was a FEMA drill taking place in Las Vegas that day? There was a FEMA drill and then suddenly it went live. Took all the actors by surprise. Suddenly it’s real bullets. We’ve seen this happen so many times before.”

They didn’t even send an Emergency Response Team for hours – not for the drill, not for the real dead and injured. That many people did not have to die. Many more died for lack of a proper response caused by confusion. It was treason in high places.”

Downey Jr. doesn’t believe the FBI are responsible for the attack, but he does believe they know more than they are willing to admit, and they know exactly who they should be questioning.

They have their hands tied. You can see the fear on their faces. They know what they are dealing with and it’s above their pay grade.”

Really they should be tying these top guys down. We are at a unique point in history where maybe something can be done about the power structure that has infiltrated the deep state. These treasonous psychopaths should be questioned intensively, and with the use of polygraphs and if necessary truth-serum.”

Downey Jr. also insisted his theory – that the US government will not only let the perpetrators walk free, but will also allow them to profit to the tune of billions by selling unneeded security services and equipment, in the process turning the United States into a giant prison – is not far-fetched at all.

JFK was assassinated by the CIA and Mossad. Martin Luther King was assassinated by an Army sniper working for the FBI. The USS Liberty, strafed and torpedoed by the Israelis, with a long-running cover-up by the government led by Lyndon f##king Johnson. And don’t forget 9/11,” Downey Jr. said to prove his point.

But in Downey Jr.’s opinion, the Las Vegas tragedy is also an opportunity.

Let me spell it out even more clearly for you – even if this was a government massacre using actual CIA and FBI employees in support of a top secret “compartmented” massacre on top of a FEMA drill, the President and the new Director of the FBI have a unique opportunity here.”

They can “investigate, illuminate, indict, and incarcerate.”

The lawless ones have been dug in deep as a tick on my hound’s ass for a long time now. Everyone knows this. But if this happens, if we all get to see a billionaire do hard time, it will change America for the better. It will restore the legitimacy of the federal government in everybody’s eyes.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. The actual story on the shooting, the timeline change when the guard was allegedly shot, the guard not registered in NV as a guard (which is required), the alleged shooter’s home burgled this past weekend, and more, point to a pile of deceit.

      • No. On more trusted alternative sites. This website is full of complete bullshit. Not sure what their game is.

        • these websites are to make up a bunch of idiot shit to then make people who repost it look not credible. Like how alex jewnes infowars is there to help you,, look like an idiot.

    • Yes by all means wait until the thoroughly corrupt and complicit MSM gives you the okay to believe this story. The MSM is owned by these same Luceferian elites in the Shadow Government Cabal. Go back to sleep! It is that or you are a purposeful dissembler for the Cabal. Curious!

      • no the jews on the internet at fake sites like this are so much more trustworthy than the jews on the tv.
        “I swear goyim. The jewish controlled internet 1000% not fake” -Trumpstein

  2. SCUMBAGS run the FBI too, good luck, where’s sessions? He’s been threatened too. Its gonna take the anti deep state, the good cuts to do this and if it gets bad, Trump knows we will finally have to do it ourselves.

    • True Story , we will have to do it ourselves , it’s just the way it is nobody can help us but ourselves , good luck my friends lets do this when the time comes like the Warriors we are .

  3. The Las Vegas Shooting stinks to high heaven all right. There is no way that Paddock brought the guns up on the Freight Elevator without the explicit permission of the Hotel higher ups. Also, every single window in these Vegas Hotels are equipped with highly sensitive “Sensors” that alert security if someone even bumps up against them. The guards are at their door within minutes. This was done in order to prevent any families from suing the Hotels if their loved ones jumped out a hotel window. The windows can be easily removed if one has the proper equipment to do so. They are no longer cleaned from the outside, as they once were.

      • Yes the Las Vegas debacle has the Shadow Government Cabal’s, greasy fingerprints all over it. As for Robert Downey, Jr., he has said these things before. After over three years of research into this vial topic, he is one hundred percent correct. He is so wealthy that he does not need the “illuminati Cabal”, that runs Hollywood, to make a living any longer and is obviously fed up with the vial Satanic Evil that has been running that town, for far too long. Unfortunately, this is nothing new and has been going on for again, far too long. There are many innocent children ensnared in this evil cult. Any young actresses and young men, boys, girls etc. that foolish parents bring to that town, seeking to live vicariously through their child, willingly allow these people to have unsupervised access to their children, in their quest for fame. The list of victims is too long to count. The lives that have been destroyed are legendary. They use “MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control” on these people and compromise them/own them from that point forward. That certainly explains the bizarre behavior from the likes of Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, etc. The “uber elites” of this World are Luceferians and into the Satanic Cult. This is well known. Even Royalty in GB, Politicians in DC, Prime Ministers, Dictators, etc. It is a Worldwide Blackmail apparatus owned and run by the Cabal, that has been in operation for decades. Prepare yourself for when the truth finally comes out, because it will most definitely come out. The corruption is all encompassing and Worldwide, not just the United States. They have had a good long while operating in complete anonymity, while the rest of the World has been busy working, supporting their families, caught up in the Modern Construct these same Financial, Multi-Trillionaires in the Cabal, have, purposefully built around us. They own everything we see, hear, consume, watch, hear, whether it is fast food, pharmaceuticals, owned by the Trillionaire Rockefeller Clan, the mega trillionaire Rothschilds constant meddling in World Affairs, all the while enriching themselves further, etc. I would suggest you look up the History of the “illuminati” documentaries on youtube, etc., to get an overview of just how long these people have been plotting and scheming against humanity. They are worshipers of Satan, so Anything is possible. They wish to destroy humanity or “Useless Eaters” as they refer to us, because we are made in Gods Divine Image and it is the only way their “false god” satan, can do anything to harm God, which is through his children. It is what this world has been, is and will always be about. That, like human nature never changes throughout history. The Babylonian system is still with us but is soon going to be defeated.

        • The Rothschilds are nothing but fronts for a much older power structure. Follow the money and you will know who they are.

        • Excellent summary of the reason for the tragically unbelievable state of affairs of the world we live in. People haven’t believed that there is a plot against us by the Cabal since it seemed too unbelievable to be true and everyone trying to bring things to light was called crazy and a conspiracy theorist. Things are finally starting to come to light and can’t be denied anymore! And this movement will only continue until everyone everywhere knows the truth. We can no longer be considered “conspiracy theorists” we will be called “truth seekers”!

          • Thank you Andrea Vanda! You are right, the truth is slowly but surely seeing the light of day because of people like you. RD, Jr., supposedly has disavowed the above comments but I believe if that is truly the case it is because he and his family have likely been threatened horribly by these Satanic Freaks. That is the evil Satanic Cabal’s MO afterall. No matter how the Luceferian “dissemblers” try to muddy the waters of truth, “The Truth Will Out”! They cannot stifle it or subvert the truth much longer. Evil will not win. God is in charge Not these Luceferian, Satanic, Elites.

        • Reports of ronald bernard’s demise have been greatly exggerrated. Ronald Bernard from the video series is still alive…..As a matter of fact, I just watched the 4th video in the series last week. Great stuff. Huge red pill.

    • the source is *this* fake site on the internet.
      you dont like it you can leave everyone else alone here who wants to be brainwashed by the govt

  4. Not buying Robert Downey Jr. Just not buying him. PR firms work hard to try to correct the careers. I know, I worked in that business. Hollywood is afraid of losing all their pay public. Downey is still doing films promoting transhumanism. Fuc him. He also thinks Johnny Depp is a good guy. Really?? Check out the Memphis 3 and what that was about.

  5. Who is Baxter Dmitry and why should we believe him? Prove Downy Jr. Said this and I’ll believe it.

      • RDJ is a well known conservative. A true quote of his is (bc I don’t know if he actually said any of what is in this article) in sum; “you won’t vote as a liberal anymore if you spend time in a jail or prison.”

        • You are correct solejahway. If RD, Jr., disavows saying these things, he or his family have very likely been threatened into submission by the “Satanic Cabal”. A well known “tactic” of theirs, in order to keep a lid on their “activities”. It certainly would not be the first time, it is their MO. How else have they kept their secrets for so long? That and their worldwide “Blackmail Apparatus”. They know their “alleged” behavior is so outside the norm of how decent people think and act, that most would never believe that these vile and despicable things are being done to children, in the name of Satan, practically right under our noses. Eventually it will all come out, until then the “doubters” can continue to doubt while innocent children are snatched off the streets of this World, often never to be seen again. At some point we become complicit by refusing to see it. Yes Satan exists and yes there is still great evil in the World. Unfortunately, that will never change, especially if we refuse to see the reality of evil against children, by highly damaged and evil people. Often allegedly committed by people of great prominence and power, otherwise known as the “uber elites” of this world. The “Luceferians” also have a large group of paid dissemblers, tasked to cast doubt.

  6. I call bullshit. First off, this Hollywood sphincter never uttered a word of this. Second, JFK was blasted by a pinko malcontent. Shove it.

  7. I wanna know who turned the lights up on the crowd during the shooting. Also, who chained half the gates shut right before the concert was to end.

  8. The man is right on the money ! According to satanic calendar on Oct. 1-st Saturn has entered so-called “Harvest of Souls” period.
    Those familiar with gematria will find that the entire event is “miraculously” aligned on the code “3 9”, corresponding to “Saturn”=93
    and “Harvest”=93. Even such tiny details, like the room number #135 = 9*(3+9+3).

  9. The news is like dominoes… first we have sonic EMF attacks in cuba on diplomats (product testing for the sheep).. then when the people realize… we have the great LOST VEGAS HOAX… then when the people realize its fake… we get the next scripted news story of California fires in wine country and 2ionist weinstein for a distraction…. what’s next? Seattle?

  10. Oh Please Robert, don’t pullbTrump into this mess. If you want to point the finger, look at Goearge Soros, Obama, the global elite. Look for a secret society within a secret society. Don’t put this conspiracy on Trump. You’ve got Obama living right there in DC. He’s organized etc. Start doing your Investigations starting with the Bushes, Obamas, Clintons, Carter, Soros. These people may be puppets to the real global elites, who knows only God knows who these people are. They may not even live here in America. I do know this much, only God can rid this secret society and I believe one day soon he will, just don’t know when…

  11. If you look at that picture of the two bodies….. If you look at the way the blood ran… where was the injury? for the blood to run THAT way, in lines…seems to me it was poured on like gravy over a roast .. IMHO all we are shown is fake

  12. I have been wondering all these things no way out he wasn’t the only shooter and the strollers I never seen a kid some of the faces were like actors and some I seen never ran it’s to crazy

    • I highly suspect that people did die in Las Vegas and that many were injured but there were numerous “Crisis Actors” spotted in the area and there was a “drill” being run the day before. I think the “Crisis Actors” were there to make it appear that many more died than actually did, so as to push their “gun confiscation” Agenda, for the OWO. It was immediately dubbed the “Worst Mass Shooting in American History”. They Must successfully disarm Americans as they did in Europe. All it took for the Euros to give up their weapons voluntarily, was another highly suspected “Cabal False Flag” in Lockerbie, Scotland, where many children were allegedly killed. Another known “tactic” of the “gun grabbing elites”, in the “New/One World Order”, Cabal of globalists.

  13. This is all Deep State, Clintons, Obama, DNC, all traitors and tyrants who need to be in Gitmo being Water Boarded until we find out the truth! I will happily volunteer my military expertise to try and extract the truth from any of these gutter maggots, it would be my Honor!

  14. Definitely predictive programming at play here as in there was clues sporadically leaked into media and those with sharp memories and happened to have read them will remember. It has too much mystery attached. Without going into details leave it at that. Agendas are now on fertile land to propose more laws and regulations. This is not the answer

  15. As long as there are people who refuse to educate themselves about the facts of the current socioeconomic and political power structure that existed for over 300 years they will continue to be clueless and sitting ducks. These people Distracted by entertainment, gossip
    ,sex, sports, alcohol and other diversions, nonsense. Just because you think you don’t have control over the ways of the world doesn’t warrant escaping and being oblivious to all around you

  16. I had a weird dream where i was supposed to meet with alex jones and was brought to his boss who turned me away and sent me to alex where alex was sitting at a desk in a bank working as an account manager as a second job.

  17. any proof that these are actually the words of robert downey jr? or is it just click bait bs? I say it’s fake news bs

  18. Robert Downey Jr.
    I hope you have superb Security.
    And you might consider publicly stating you are NOT suicidal.
    And for the record, I still think you suck
    For Supporting Hillary Clinton, The Queen of Satanists
    You are a two Faced scumbag and a Pussy.

  19. Holy balls, I had no iead Downey was awake. Really good insight, you know there is alot of heat on people in hollywierd that open their mouth on its subversion. Thank you Robert!

  20. Press still ignoring the fact that Stephen Paddock has a number 13 tattooed on his neck, and the corpse did not.

  21. Robert Downey Jr just became the first and only Hellywood actor I respect….I don’t care who you are or where you come from, I will always respecy the truth, candor and being unafraid of shining a light on darkness.

  22. the same frattySS that owned him steve paddock own all the fratty hollywoodys CBS drake drake drake and drake old wildwest show with rifle sharp shooter steve paddock and his bank robbing daddy.When that went belly up than big eye in the big sky production sky hawk sattelite drones earth mics GOD view sent in the old steve paddock hitman for CBS on howard hughes hidden kids to clean up and complete the genocide-he missed as a single shot sharp shooter so he went fully auto with some help from his hollywood mofia gun smith and ratty fratty`SS^^^

  23. steve paddock was a old old old wild west side show leftover AKE kid sharp shooter for big eye and hitman hidden in the don molder ripp off kilROY`SS.I was human traffic by always under contract to FOX CBS mother jean peters father was howard hughes agenda was coverup genicide the hughes steal the trillions in patent rights at HHMI.GLass from the wind sheild hit US by steve missed the mark time after time after time werner.The gun smith and tower tech upgrade him and he bit that hand that fed him on the way out the door.He was a drunk NUT case hell bent on being the BEST SHOT ever…he wasn`t he had to go fully automaticl and be in a crow nest to even hit the side of a barn F that crazy F tuped SS fratty pack of mobsters human trafficing

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