Democrats Accused Of Stealing Fla. Election

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Democrats accused of stealing Florida election

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has accused his opponent’s campaign of “preparing” to steal the election for Florida’s next senator.  

Scott’s campaign spokesman, Chris Hartline, said Democrat incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson “won’t be successful” in his attempt to steal the election.

“Let’s be clear about the Nelson game-plan here,” he tweeted. “They are preparing to try to steal this election in the courts because they couldn’t win it at the ballot box. They won’t be successful.” reports: Hartline’s comment was a response to another tweet saying Nelson’s recount attorney, Marc Elias, was not afraid to sue the state of Florida.

Interestingly, Elias has been linked to hiring Fusion GPS to create the fake Trump dossier, according to Jack Posobiec.

The situation deepens as Elias and the county’s elections supervisor, Brenda Snipes, have been accused of not knowing how many ballots are left to count in Broward County, the key Democratic stronghold, according to Sun Sentinel.

Coincidentally, back in May, a judge ruled that Snipes had illegally destroyed ballots in the 2016 Congressional election between Tim Canova and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

“Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office violated state and federal laws by destroying ballots from a 2016 Congressional race too soon,” reports Florida’s Sun Sentinel, adding, “Snipes called the action a ‘mistake’ during [her] testimony she gave in the case, saying the boxes were mislabeled and there was ‘nothing on my part that was intentional’ about destroying the contested ballots.”

Correspondingly, Nelson’s counterpart Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) lamented that the hotly contested race could be in Snipes’ hands, who has a “history of incompetence.”

“A U.S. senate seat & a statewide cabinet officer are now potentially in the hands of an elections supervisor with a history of incompetence & of blatant violations of state & federal laws,” saidRubio’s Thursday tweet.

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