Trump Speaks Out Against Covid Vaccine Mandates, Promotes ‘Natural Immunity’

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Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has spoken out against totalitarian covid vaccine mandates.

He said that Americans shouldn’t be “forced” to get the shots and that those who have natural immunity “don’t need the vaccine.”

During an interview on Thursday night, Trump told FOX News host Sean Hannity: “People have to have their freedoms……Why are they forcing people to take the vaccine?”

He suggested there could be a potential conflict of interest fueling the push for vaccination, saying, “Remember this, the drug companies make a lot of money. And they like it.”

Life Site news reports: Characteristically referring to COVID-19 as “the Wuhan virus” and “the China virus,” quipping “we’ve got plenty of names,” Trump explained that anyone who has already overcome the virus does not need to take a vaccine and should not be forced to do so.

“When you have [COVID], you don’t need the vaccine. You become immune,” the former president said, adding that people who have recovered from the virus develop “a natural immunity.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who many see as a likely Republican contender for the presidency in 2024, has similarly promoted natural immunity, remarking during a Gainesville, Florida stop last month, “The ones that have recovered have very strong immunity. That’s very clear from every study that’s been done.”

Statements from top Republicans promoting individual choice and a recognition of natural immunity contradict the narrative propounded by public health officials and the mainstream press.

As pressure mounts to reach a nearly 100% vaccination rate in the United States, an increasing number of businesses require vaccination as a condition of employment, and major cities have enacted ordinances requiring proof of vaccination to access public dining and recreational venues. 

Meanwhile, many who have contracted and overcome COVID-19 over the past year — including healthcare professionals who have spent the past 18 months treating patients infected with the virus — have increasingly been faced with a choice to take an experimental COVID-19 jab or lose their jobs, with no consideration given to their naturally acquired immunity.

The resistance among government officials, employers, and public health officials in recognizing natural immunity comes amid growing evidence that natural immunity is more robust and durable than vaccinated immunity.


  1. Stating the obvious,. But people have been so deceived by the health departments using their control over education because knowledge is power Females even having C sections don’t even know they’re having a Caesarians anymore. They don’t even know things that are 2000 years old.

  2. All of humanity has God-given rights & that means we choose or decline all medical intervention/treatment. Tyrants who say otherwise need to be executed.

  3. if i can’t work because of not taking the vaccine, and my family begins to starve, I am declaring war. I will lose my life, but it will be worth it to die an honorable death then dying of micro clots and bed ridden.

  4. MUTI-billions of REAL humans have HAD the shots and live to tell about.Trump is a thoughtless rabid PUG still trying to brain wash people into his agenda AKE tax dodgeing and !% overlard`SS^^^$$$

  5. IF a rabid pug dog AKE donald trump bit you-you would get a shot-this is much worse millions have died and the sky is fallin chicken littles is still cry baby ballin about it.GET the FN shot and don`t give it to me and my family.You can`t even ride a bus safely without the shot as many learned in the first wave

  6. if Ukant work because of NOT having the shot than at least you won`t kill everybody giving it to them.The shot isn`t about YOU it is about the person next to you-whom you could kill by not getting a painless costless given to billions life saver

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