Palestinian Cities Have Electricity Cut By Israel Electric Co.

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israel electric
Israel electric

Israel’s State owned Electric Corporation, limited the use of electricity in two Palestinian cities to 45 minutes.
The residents of Jenin and Nablus have to suffer “Collective Punishment” according to the mayor of Nablus.
Ghassan al-Shakaa, also described the blackouts as “politically motivated”.
An unpaid Bill of £305m owed by the Palestinian authority, has lead to the Israel Electric Co. to take the action, after previous warnings.
The Palestinians are already loosing $100 million in tax revenues each month which Israel collects on behalf of the PA. It was suspended when the Palestinian Authorities applied to join the International Criminal Court.
The U.S has questioned the viability of the PA, if the situation continues.

The Independent reports: Shaka’a told Reuters that Israeli power cuts would do more damage to a Palestinian economy already hit by Israel’s withholding of the monthly transfer of more than $100 million in tax revenues that it collects on behalf of the PA.

Israel suspended the transfers last month after the Palestinians applied to join the International Criminal Court, where war crimes prosecutions could be pursued. The United States has expressed concern about the PA’s viability if the funds remain frozen.

In previous instances in which Israel has withheld Palestinian tax revenues, some Israeli officials have proposed that some of the money be used to pay off some of the PA’s electric bill.


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