Mueller Files 294 Sealed Indictments Against Elite Pedophile Ring Members

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Mueller issues 294 sealed indictments against elite pedophile ring members

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed an astonishing 294 more sealed indictments to Federal Courts around the U.S. against high-level pedophiles operating within Hollywood and D.C.

According to a legal expert, 294 sealed indictments in such a short space of time is completely unheard of. reports: Between the 294 Indictments now located across the country PLUS the 81 in Washington, DC and in Eastern Virginia, that’s almost 400 Sealed Indictments. The lawyer told me this number is “off the charts . . . .no one has seen anything like this.”

This is not dis-info, it is fact. Sealed indictments are verifiable public record. We don’t know whats in them yet, but you can see they are there and it’s sure as heck not normal, it’s unprecedented. There has never been this many at once . . . ever.

I’m just connecting the dots. Pedophile cases in the news every single day for the last 3 weeks? We’ve gone years without hearing about any pedophile stuff, but now in the last 3 weeks it’s case, after case, after case, after case of some pervert, from Hollywood to DC.

Uranium One with all the Bribery, Kickbacks, Extortion and Money Laundering.

The fake Trump “Dossier” where Clinton and the DNC laundered money through the Perkins Coie Law Firm to hide the expenditures from campaign finance disclosure laws.

All of the locations given are the home bases of the previous administrations back to Bush.

Trump could be doing 9/11 and Pedogate, Uranium One, the Classified Hillary email scandal, pay to play, rigging the Democratic Primary Election, illegally spying on his campaign. … all of it known and unknown.

What if these indictments are the U.S. (Trump) version of the Saudi Arabia counter coup?

The crown prince just had many in his own royal family arrested for corruption.

What if these indictments are the same type of mass sweep of corrupt individuals?

I think that when these Sealed Indictments are made public, it will shake the corridors of power in this country right to the very core. I think the Halls of Power — “The Elite” — are being brought down.

Time will tell.


    • They got enough For-Profit Prisons…..half the beds are filled now with Pot Smokers . Let THEM go. problem solved. Put all the pedos together so they can give each other STD’s when they can’t get a hold of little kids!


  1. God works in mysterious ways. All things done in the dark will come to the light. Thy will be done. All glory to God!

      • Independent thinking (a.k.a. do whatever makes you feel good and to hell with everyone else) is what got this country into this mess! So God is not the problem. Look in the mirror.

      • Glory to God that you have a mind to think independently. The mind (brain) is a wondrous thing that only God could create. You can’t even take a step without your mind. Consider the equipment a Quadriplegic needs to make any moves at all. What tells you to laugh when something’s funny? The list goes on.


      • Not totally true … as an independent thinker you need to realize whether you personally have a God; or not, those with a FALSE God want to kill you just as much as they do those that have a (religious loving) God.

        Big Difference.

      • No. YOU are part of the problem. YOU are.’You’ people. You’re fools. Mistaking ‘religion’ for ‘FAITH’. They are UNRELATED. It isn’t the ‘BUSINESS’ of ‘religion’ WE rely upon and KNOW will win in the end. It’s our FAITH and an unexplainable ‘something’ (Spirit perhaps) that CONFIRMS our own ‘INDEPENDENT THINKING’.

  2. Far from being Trump’s nemesis, I think Muellar is Trump’s secret weapon. He was brought in because he’s not scared to bring indictments against the elite.

  3. I’ll take what I can get, but I hope the Podesta Brothers names are in there, and then work their way all the way up to the top.

  4. Some sources report that some of this activity is also tied to bringing justice to those who were behind the 9/11 attack! Remember Trumps declaration back in the spring, that America will be surprised to find out who was really behind it.

    • I wish I had the knowledge and the skills to be able to get into the Dark Webb! There’s crap buried so deep and behind so many firewalls that would make our heads swim! That’s where this pedophile ring is buried so the FBI should get some of these hackers they are always trying to catch put on the government payroll and let them go after the real criminals!

  5. Andy hate to tell you johnny Mathis was Rock Hudsons lover for many years part of the swamp am afraid send out good thoughts that these sick pieces of dog poo are arrested soon

  6. Funny, I thought Mueller was investigating Russian collusion. I’d think it would be the police or FBI investigating paedophilia. Something fishy about this “report”.

    • That’s what I want to know!! WHEN can we expect to see these indictments unsealed? The wait is equivalent to that of a child on Christmas Eve!


    • No love loss there. He owes them nothing. Might not immunity for whatever part he was tied to, be worth helping Trump in a genius sting to drain the swamp and bring down all who have done so much to obstuct his presidency and our country? Just a thought. One that I could do more for this country than ever in our history!

  7. We might be looking at a lot of new congressmen and senator’s here real soon! Funny how Trump has stirred this mess up by just getting elected and not being liked by a lot of polititians! The President is trying to accomplish so many good things but all these idiots out there are so brainwashed that when asked why they don’t like him, they either can’t come up with a reasonable answer or they have a rediculis accusation of him being a Nazi or Putin man and the like……..

  8. Why is he doing this and not our Top guy. Mueller is not suppose dealing with anything but the Russian probe.

  9. One problem that needs to be addressed right away without delay, tougher sentencing on child abusers and pediphils, because evidently sentencing being used now and in the past hasn’t clearly hasn’t has any or very little effect deterring these sickos.
    They get shorter sentences than someone that steals money, and protected while in prison, fake their way thru counseling get out under the impression they are somehow better……RIGHT, they know their going to do it again and again and so do the assholes that clear them as unlikely to offend again and let them back out.
    Stiffer laws, mandatory sentencing stop protecting them in prison, they know before they end up behind bars they will be targeted, so let them get what they got coming, beat those fuckers to death and maybe that will be the deterrent needed to scare’em from offending.

  10. I pray the whole truth comes out, BUT I wonder if their followers will still support them? So far they have. No matter how much evidence comes to light, They just keep following like drug addicted dogs. SCARY, to think ANYONE could support a pedophile.

  11. I thought he was supposed to be investigating the fake news about Russian collusion and Trump? Nothing there so he is going everywhere else he can find something?

  12. Now watch the sudden emigration and abroad Holidays pick up and Money being transferred to Panama and othe Money Laundering countries. Keep a close watch on the Clinton’s and close friends.!!

  13. There may well be 294 SEALED INDICTMENTS, so how does our writer KNOW they are against pedophiles. Wishful thinking?

  14. this country has been slowly taken over by some of the most evil scum on the planet and now is being sold out by these same treason riddled soulless rats, and its been happening right before the publics eye’s and they just can’t see it because their heads are so far up their ass’z, how the public can continue to vote against their own interest over some single issue’s and how thw can continue to believe the lies after lies after lies, and then praise some god for some phony deliverance, as your leaders preach all that fake christian moral, family values anti LGBT, anti black anti brown anti red, yellow blue B.S. when they get caught with their pants down being back packed over their office desk like that “Wes Goodman, who is the Republican state legislator for Ohio” the hypocracy is outrageous, both political parties are corrupted and have been for decades, this country has never lived up to its constitution and now is going backwards even faster, i don’t doubt that fool traitor trump will lead this country into another 911 or even worse and poof all this crap he’s in will dissapear and he will try to crown himself king, wake up, spread the word, these unholy scum are’nt done yet and they care for no one and nothing but themselves

  15. Trump is a good man and our last hope.
    All the halls of power, DC, Hollywood, NY, are corrupt.
    The average working man or woman has very little chance if Trump fails.
    Trump knows this. Trump said repeatedly that he is the voice of the voiceless.
    Support Trump. Pray that both AG Sessions and Mueller are on Trump’s side.

  16. Trump is a Rock star Saving Young Life’s all around the world! and A FIRE BREATHING DRAGON when it comes to PEDOPHILES!
    HILLARY WILL GET ROASTED, but she knew it during the election When she said “If that Bastard gets in We’ll all hang”

  17. Whether this is True Or Not …The Pedophile “Issue” is far worse than most are lead to Believe ( One of my Hobbies ) is tracking and reading Pedophile info and ties to all involved ….Ask questions if Curious Otherwise I would have to type PAGES to share .

  18. Why do people assume it is Mueller, who is putting out these sealed indictments??? I’d say it’s more likely those working FOR Mr. Sessions is putting them out there.

  19. We aren’t supposed to know that Mueller is working with Trump and Sessions. Could be that he’s doing so to stay out of prison himself. That may have been the cost of his freedom, to turn against his cronies. It was said that the reason he met with President Trump in the White House the day before he was made Special Counsel, was to talk about his being made the head of the FBI again. However…you can only be the Director of the FBI once in a lifetime, and Mueller, President Trump and everyone else at that meeting at the White House knew that…so what did they really talk about?!?!? Hmmm, let’s see…could it have been staying out of prison?

    I fully believe that Sessions is working with the president, and I’m not so sure about Rosenstein, but I’m thinking he had to be in on it in order to get Robert Mueller on board. Sessions recused himself so that he could work behind the scenes with Horowitz and Huber. They are the ones handling the indictments.

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