Over Half of All UK Children Are Permanently Brain Damaged, Official Study Finds

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Over half of UK kids are permanently brain damaged, new study suggests

Over half of all children in the United Kingdom are now permanently brain damaged due to the devestating mental and social impacts of lockdown, an official new study has found.

Children between the ages of four and seven were found to be more likely (52 percent) to be affected than 12- to 15-year-olds (42 percent) in terms of the brain damage caused by the stay-at-home orders that were enforced during the pandemic.

Children whose parents were either furloughed or forced to take a leave of absence during covid were also found to be “significantly more likely to experience a worsening in their socio-emotional skills than those whose parents had not been furloughed (51 percent versus 45 percent).”

Newstarget.com reports: In short, children whose families experienced any kind of hardship during the lockdowns – poor families, in essence – were significantly more likely than the rest of the general public to suffer serious developmental issues.

Covid lockdowns caused irreversible damage to the next generation

For the study, children were asked whether they had become “easily scared,” were “constantly fidgeting or squirming,” or were “generally disobedient” during covid. The poorest and the most down-and-out children reported the worst symptoms in these respective categories – though children of all social statuses suffered.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, children from all backgrounds saw their social and emotional skills worsen considerably,” commented study author Andrew McKendrick, an IFS research economist.

“Children lived through many changes during these years: school closures, lack of contact with friends and family, and potentially devastating severe illness or death among loved ones,” McKendrick continued, adding that the covid lockdowns had “multi-generational impacts.”

“Our research shows that another important driver of children’s declining skills was the economic disruptions experienced by their parents, whether or not those disruptions led to a large income loss.”

Another official by the name of Rachel de Souza, who serves as Children’s Commissioner in the UK, added that she is “deeply concerned” about the findings of this latest research on children’s social and emotional skills in the post-covid age.

“This study shows that the disruption the pandemic caused to children’s development has been long-lasting,” she added.

The terror that was inflicted on children in order to keep them “safe” from the Chinese Germ scare was so severe that it caused irreparable damage to most of them. This bodes ominous for the next generation, which will be ill-equipped to handle their affairs and responsibilities.

In many ways, children became “collateral damage” during the lockdowns, added Arabella Skinner, one of the parents from the campaign group UsForThem.

“There were many occasions when warnings were ignored,” Skinner said about the matter.

“It is an unavoidable fact that many of our children’s development has been negatively impacted by the pandemic restrictions. The government must take action now – they need to support all the services which support our children and ensure that this never happens again.”

Related research out of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) similarly found that the covid lockdowns “imposed enormous economic and social costs” despite having “had little to no public health effects.”

“What was done to kids in 2020 was nothing short of criminal,” one commenter wrote about the latest findings.

“The lockdowns were a crime against humanity,” wrote another. “Every single ‘authority’ and every single ‘news’ person who pushed the fear, the lockdowns, masks, and ‘vaccine’ mandates are all guilty of crimes against humanity.”

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