Reuters Poll: GOP Set To Win Midterms By Landslide

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Reuters poll confirms GOP set to win midterms by landslide

A bombshell Reuters poll shows the GOP up a staggering six points, almost guaranteeing them a landslide victory in the November midterms. 

As a result of the poll, experts are now overwhelmingly skeptical about the Democrats’ ability in winning back the House – something every media outlet was certain of just months ago. reports: Color me a bit skeptical, and these numbers will bounce around regardless, but Republicans haven’t led on this question in any major in roughly two years, so it’s worth flagging.

What explains this see-saw back toward Republicans?  As someone once said, it’s the economy, stupid:

If you’re keeping track at home, we’ve hit a 11-year high, a 13-year high, and a 17-year high on overall or economic national outlook in three distinct polls published over the last week or so.  That said, it would be insane for Republicans to feel even remotely assured that their majorities will remain intact after November.  Improved polling and stronger presidential approval numbers are undoubtedly significant data points, but those strides could be mitigated or wiped out by a strong Democratic intensity gap (via Axios):

A new NBC News/WSJ poll reveals that 66% of Democrats have a “high level of interest” in this fall’s midterm elections — compared to 49% of Republicans.  Flashback: This is a mirror image of Republican enthusiasm ahead of the 2010 midterms, which resulted in a Tea Party sweep in Congress. At that time, the same NBC/WSJ poll showed that 66% of Republicans had a “high level of interest” compared to 49% of Democrats.

To avoid leaving you on too much of a down note, here’s the latest on the Democratic National Committee’s continued fundraising woes:

People can argue that this doesn’t matter too much, but a robust and well-funded party apparatus can really pump a lot of help into a lot of key races.  On the other hand, since this is the DNC’s worst election-year fundraising month since 2006, we probably shouldn’t overlook…what happened in 2006.  UPDATE II — Ahem:


  1. what are they , the petty cash accounts?Wheres the ledgers reflecting the 21 trillion of National Debt?Out to lunch or in a meeting?

    • The national debt, which is actually $25 trillion now, has nothing to do with the budget of RNC and DNC. The 2 parties’ funds come from fundraising.

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