Trump Fires Attorney General Loretta Lynch

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Donald Trump fires Attorney General Loretta Lynch

President-elect Donald Trump has fired Attorney General Loretta Lynch from her post and nominated Sen. Jeff Sessions to replace her. 

Loretta Lynch, who famously boarded a plane with Bill Clinton for a “private meeting” during ongoing FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton, is likely to leave office in April 2017 just before Jeff Sessions is confirmed by the Senate.

The announcement was met by widespread applause from Republicans, but denouncement from Democrats who claim Sessions’ has overly “hard-line views on immigrants,” despite the fact that his voting record shows otherwise. reports:

In 2009, Sessions opposed a hate crimes law to which Congress had attached a defense budget bill. While it later passed, the incoming AG had some very strong opinions on the legislation that (despite what the left would have you believe) didn’t include minorities being assaulted for who they are.

“There is no good reason to pass such a broad piece of legislation,” he said.

“No one believes that individuals should be assaulted because of their beliefs, their gender or their sexual orientation. That type of behavior is unacceptable and should be prosecuted. It has been prosecuted. I am sure State and local law enforcement officers will continue to do so,” he said then.

Sessions labeled the hate crime bill “one of the largest expansions of Federal law enforcement in history” and said the attorney general “should not allow politics to drive law in America.”

I personally feel great that we’re going to have a small-government Attorney General who has a great chance of actually getting things done in America, and prosecuting all the right people without letting them off the hook simply because of their political persuasion.

I wonder who Trump will pick next!


  1. That’s quite a demotion! From a ranking U.S. Senator with basically a lifetime position of power, money and perks… all the way down to a lowly attorney general with MAYBE 8 years of income, less prestige, less influence and MORE scrutiny.

    I’m having a hard time believing that anyone with the savvy to attain EITHER position would be stupid enough to go for that “offer”.

    Color me skeptical.

  2. Sounds like you’re a hyper partisan carnival barker. Do you ever wonder why you’re standing alone on a field with no opponent? That’s because everyone else is out of your league. Maybe sit the next election out, okay dumb-dumb?

  3. Gosh!!?!!!, President Trump let loretta lynch go?!?!?! Of Course, The beatles brought her into the limelight.
    …”geeeet baaacckkk….Loretta, get baccckk…. get back to where you belong”……Go Home!!

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