Illinois Bans Parents From Pulling Kids From ‘Obscene’ LGBT History Classes

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The Illinois House of representatives has voted to require the teaching of ‘LGBT history’ to elementary school students in the state.

Illinois is about to implement compulsory new homosexuality-promoting classes for elementary school children as young as 5-years-old that will teach them about the “history of gays, lesbians and transgender people in the United States” — and parents have been banned from pulling their children from these classes.

The Illinois House of representatives has voted to require the teaching of ‘LGBT history’ to elementary school students in the state, according to local reports.

Republican opponents of the law are furious, calling the measure “indoctrination” and arguing that 5-year-old elementary school children should be learning to read and write before they learn about history —especially the history of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people.

The measure, which passed by 60 votes to 42 on Wednesday, would require history textbooks in the state to include “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.”

According to prominent Democrat supporters of the bill, the new classes teaching elementary school children about the history of gays, lebsians and trans people “will cut down on bullying” and “show LGBT students that they can contribute fully to society.”

However, opponents of the radical new subject are skeptical.

“Here’s what parents in my district said: ‘How or why is a historical figures’ sexuality or gender self-identification even relevant? Especially. when we’re talking about kindergarten and elementary school history,'” Republican Rep. Tom Morrison told NPR.

Republican opponents are also furious that the “obscene” new classes are compulsory, meaning parents with personal or religious objections will not be allowed to opt out.

Rep. Darren Bailey told the Pontiac Daily Leader that he voted against the bill “because it does not provide an ‘opt out’ option for parents who do not wish their children exposed to this kind of information for religious reasons, or because their child may not be of a mature enough age to fully understand the meaning and implications of what LGBT actually is.”

“Forcing that information on 5 year olds and elementary school children is more of an effort of indoctrination,” he added.

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An earlier iteration of the Illinois measure passed the state Senate last year, and this latest version is expected to do the same. Democrat Governor JB Pritzker – a staunch supporter of LGBT rights – will likely sign it into law as soon as it lands on his desk.

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy (D) signed a similar bill into law last month, in spite of complaints from parents, Christians, and Republicans. New Jersey was the second state to introduce such legislation after California paved the way in 2016.

LGBT History is not just a matter of debate in America. In Britain, an outcry from parents forced a school in Birmingham to suspend its LGBT rights curriculum earlier this month. The parents, a majority of whom are Muslim, opposed the program both for religious reasons and due to the young age of the students involved.

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  1. LGBT roots from ancient occult principles. Many of the gods of antiquity are genderless, and root from Satanism, as god told us not to dress as the other gender and be gay, and Satanists do the opposite. The world is being led in rebellion against god, if you don’t serve Jesus (Yahshua), you will be served with fire

    • OK I’m against this, too, but asserting that ancient belief systems all came from Satan is just plain incorrect. Satan was a Christian invention by the Catholic church. He was never a deity or any kind of entity in any other religion. I’ve done my research on history of Satan and have studied history for 55 yrs.

    • Bring on the fire. Anglos are tight-asses. They need to be loosened up before their 20s or they start aging like hell. Tell Jesus I like his tacos, but not his political beliefs.

  2. Why this young? At this age, boys naturally show and play with their junk. Instead of pumping gay propaganda through their heads, they should be keeping boys the hell away from girls, and forcing boys to spend copious amounts of time with each other!!!! That alone PREVENTS fake homosexuality (beta males)!!!!!!!

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