Pope Francis Compares Pedophile Bishops To Jesus on the Cross

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Pope Francis has compared people who accuse Catholic bishops of sex crimes and cover ups to Satan, while claiming these whistleblowers are only seeking to "unveil sins" in order to "scandalize people.”

Pope Francis has compared people who accuse Catholic bishops of sex crimes and cover ups to Satan, while claiming these whistleblowers are only seeking to “unveil sins” in order to “scandalize people.”

Is Pope Francis woefully out of touch with reality, or is he actively covering for abusive members of the clergy? During his Tuesday morning homily at the chapel of the Santa Marta residence, members of the congregation began asking themselves this question as the pope lurched into his most bizarre sermon to date.

Bishops who are accused of abusive sex crimes should remain silent like Jesus on Good Friday when the crowds called out for his crucifixion, Pope Francis said Tuesday morning, according to L’Osservatore Romano.

When people insulted Jesus on Good Friday and shouted, “Crucify himhe remained silent because he had compassion for those people deceived by the powerful.

He was silent. He prayed,” Francis said.

In the same way, the pastor, in difficult times, in times when the devil is unleashed, where the pastor is accused—accused by the Great Accuser through so many people, so many powerful ones—suffers, offers his life and prays,” the pope said.

At the conclusion of the homily, Francis invited the congregation to pray for the bishops. “Take up the Gospel and read, and see Jesus, and where his authority lies. And ask the grace that all pastors may have this authority: an authority that is a grace of the Holy Spirit,” he said.

Tuesday’s homily marked the fourth occasion in the last two weeks where Pope Francis directly criticized the action of those who accuse bishops, comparing them to the devil, the “Great Accuser.”

Breitbart reports: Last week, Francis compared Vatican whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to Satan, the “Great Accuser,” after Viganò released an 11-page document filled with allegations of the mishandling of serial homosexual abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick by high-ranking prelates, including the pope himself.

In these times “it seems that the Great Accuser has been unleashed and has it in for the bishops,” the pope said.

It is true, we are all sinners, we bishops,” he said, but the Great Accuser “seeks to unveil sins so that they may be seen, to scandalize the people.”

The pope’s reference to the silence of Jesus before his accusers Tuesday reflects his own option to deny comments to reporters seeking to know whether any of the allegations are true.

When asked directly about the accusation just after their publication, Francis dodged questions from reporters, including when he had learned about McCarrick’s abuse, telling them to read the report and make their own assessment of its credibility.

Since that time, a number of bishops have criticized the pope’s “no comment” media strategy, insisting the allegations are very serious and that Francis has the duty to clarify the facts to provide the “accountability” for which he himself has called.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. if the accusations , like their witch hunts, were the liarts and deceivers .After centuries of witch hunting, about thirty years ago the Vatican released a tiny little snippet of an public apology in the newspapers, buried away on page 33, that they were sorry and there were never any witches.Then they made a global concentrated mass media purge to remove all evidence of their crimes over 450 years of torturing,and murdering innocent people and seizing all of their lands farms houses jewelries gold money and valuables .Iestimated about 22 million people throughout Europe and England over four and half centuries Now they say 22.You know they all the books removed from public libraries, bookshops , they had people in every single suburb on earth scouring thrifty shops and garage sales/deceased estate sales, to make sure they took every book or magazine that had any evidence out of the public domain.And they made it all look like they were doing nothing at all Just tidying up loose ends.But certainly regardless and no doubt why Pope Emeritus Benedict has dedicated the remaining years of his life to praying , not for world peace, or the second coming of Christ, or for the poor lost souls, but for the Church, those innocent priests accused of pedophilia do deserve, just like the witches, sympathy.

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  3. The COWARDLY and ULTRA DECEPTIVE way things are spun when you’re the HEAD PEDOPHILE! When it comes to exposing the truth, LIE, LIE, LIE and DENY, DENY, DENY!!!

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