YouTube Replaces ‘Hateful’ American Flag With ‘Inclusive’ MAPs Flag

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YouTube replaces American flag with MAPs flag instead

YouTube has boasted that it has removed the “hateful” American flag from its list of available emojis and replaced it with the pro-pedophilia MAPs flag to promote “inclusivity.”

Independent journalist Ryan Matta reported on the disturbing discovery on Sunday, noting YouTube even recommends the gay and MAPs flags instead of the American flag when searched.

“@YouTube has removed the American Flag from the list of emojis in the live chat,” Matta tweeted.

“The only flags you can use in a live stream are the Pride & Pedo flags. If you do not think @YouTube is an enemy of the American people. You are still sleep.” reports: Infowars has independently verified the claims to be true, the American flag is no longer available on not only the live chat function, but the comment section as well.

Instead, the rainbow pride flag and the pink and blue trans flag come up in the search. All other national flags appear to have been removed as well.

This development, while shocking, is unsurprising given YouTube’s rabid censorship crusade against Americans on hot-button topics including race, the 2020 election and the COVID-19 gene therapy at the behest of Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the World Health Organization.

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