Sickening Videos Show Ukrainians Shooting & Torturing Russians – Media Blackout

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Ukrainians caught committing war crimes by shooting and torturing Russians on camera - media blackout

Disturbing videos from Ukraine shows Ukrainian forces shooting and torturing Russian prisoners of war, prompting calls for an official investigation into these heinous war crimes.

According to reports, these war crimes took place at one of the Ukrainian bases in the Kharkiv region.

Warning: the following videos are extremely graphic – viewer discretion advised:

Following the circulation of these videos showing clear war crimes being committed by Ukrainian forces, an adviser to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky was forced to release a video politely reminding Ukrainian troops to adhere to the Geneva Convention.


    • You need to learn what have been going in Ukraine since US installed a puppet regime in Kiev in 2014.
      Russia isn’t invading. They are ending US-backed neonazi terror and the civil war in Ukraine.

      • Kiev is the traditional capital of Russia and the west high class people all know it perfectly well All the royals know the real history of Kingdoms and empires Just not the public who are taught a load of b/s political ideology so that they don’t see the truth

    • Not when they set up the war in the first place Not when they assassinated the Russian general in 2014 that the news won’t admit.

      • 40 House dems went to the state dept in 2018 wanting to stop the NEO hate group of Zz and even trump pulled the plug on him and got a fake peach and both trump&biden would`nt let him into NATO

  1. You have been in a battle between the forces of darkness and light, since the beginning of this age, which will will end soon, after ww3.
    You decide the winner or lose of your individual souls.
    You are either one with God through your souls, or are have lost your souls by serving Lucifer and making yourselves soulless and godless in his image=wars are designed to make you do that, and so end up in eternal Hell with Lucifer. All wars are won by Lucifer, as he takes so many souls during wars.
    Our Lady of the Roses, told us: “more souls go to Hell during war than at any other time.
    What did she mean?
    During peace time, the side that wants to save you humans from Hell is at work influencing you to be good. To evolve higher towards what is in the higher realms of being.
    However humans must have an equal force, of good and evil to provoke and tempt it, to each side.

    When much good and peace is given, then the devil must have his time of turning you to the lower world of Hell, devolution.

    During war, people are tempted and ordered to do evil things.
    The Draco Reptilians are Lucifer and the fallen angels, who fell and went from beautiful beings to dark demonic entities. They devolved.

    Those in Heaven evolve, higher forever.

    You human beings, devolved when you began to eat the forbidden fruit=the fruit of the tree of life. Babies, fetuses, and animals.At the behest of the fallen angels.

    Putin and all world leaders and the bankers and all the uber rich are just hideously ugly and repulsive=devolved Reptilian Draco/fallen angels from Hell, her to get as many souls as possible.

    Putin did not saw the heads off the “12 international bioweapon engineers”. He gave an order, and the individual military persons di the sawing. They lost their souls. Putin has no soul, he is a Draco, the fallen Angel, Belial, who ran Atlantis and took the souls of all who were the “sons of Belial”, at the end of that age. This is the final war at the end of this age. Choose do you want to devolve in eternal hell into demons? Or to evolve into angelic beings in Heaven?

  2. thats why russia attacked them in the first place and Z only has about 30% the rest are russian ukraines that is why russia will take back the half not going NEO and defend their brother land and than Z will have to attack them as the ukraine was a russian state from 1770-1991

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