Disney Teams Up With ‘Gender Fluid’ Biological Man To Promote Minnie Mouse Clothing

Fact checked

Disney has been threatened with a Bud Light-style boycott over their hiring of gender-fluid influencer Seann Altman who says he identifies as a male but sometimes dresses up as a woman.

The woke company has come under fire for paying the TikTok influencer to promote childrens clothing and accessories, including Minnie Mouse’s iconic outfit of a red dress, yellow pumps, and a red hair bow.

Parents were putraged by the ad, with many stating they will not do any kind of business with the company as a consequence.

Summit News reports: Here he they is in a promo for Disney Style, the brand name of the company’s clothing line, telling kids “I literally look like Minnie Mouse!” 

Disney bizarrely went ahead with this despite the fact that Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of the Bud Light brand has lost billions in revenue recently for doing the exact same thing.

Indeed, the company just announced it is reducing its employment roster by two percent, cutting nearly 400 positions.

Bud Light has experienced a sales drop of 21.4 percent, while its parent brand, Budweiser, has lost 11.5 percent. Meanwhile, its major competitor, Coors Light, has seen a 10.9 percent sales boost.


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