Ukraine Nazis Caught Decorating Shopping Mall With Giant Swastika

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Images and video of a giant swastika on display at a shopping mall in Ukraine that is located on a street named after a notorious Nazi collaborator have surfaced on social media.

Images and footage from inside the Gorodok shopping mall on Bandera Avenue in the capital Kiev, show shoppers climbing up and down the staircase, reports the Jerusalem Post.

The middle-section of the staircase feature a large swastika locked in a white rhombus encircled by red, in a design that is eerily similar to Nazi Germany’s flag.


The street where the shopping mall is located is named after Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who collaborated with Nazi Germany in its fight against Russia during World War 2. Bandera’s troops are believed to have killed thousands of Jews.

The street used to be Called Moscow Avenue. It was re-named for Bandera in 2016 despite protests by some Jewish community leaders and Ukrainian Poles, whose community also suffered war crimes by Bandera’s troops.

According to Eduard Dolinsky, the director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, the video was taken by a shopper on Saturday night, hours before several hundred nationalists marched through Kiev carrying torches.

The Western mainstream media continue to downplay the extent of Nazism in Ukraine. Rolling Stone are the latest mainstream title to enter the fray, declaring that a “pro-Putin oligarch” might have paid locals to create Nazi “false flags” to support Putin’s claims that Ukraine is full of Nazis.

Per Rolling Stone:

In the months before Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, an oligarch with Russian ties allegedly paid for locals to paint swastikas around Kharkiv, sources say. The effort, according to the sources, was part of a false flag operation to exaggerate Ukraine’s Nazi presence at a time when Putin was using it as a pretext for war.

The alleged plot, according to multiple sources, involved Pavel Fuks, a real estate, banking, and oil magnate who, the sources claim, was co-opted by Russian security forces to participate. Through intermediaries, Fuks allegedly offered between $500 and $1,500 for street level criminals to vandalize city streets with pro-Nazi graffiti in December, January, and February.

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