Munich Attackers Out To Kill “F**king Migrants” Witness Reports

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Eye witness reports are saying that Munich terrorists were shouting anti-migrant slurs in German before shooting nine people dead at a mall in the city of Munich, Germany, on Friday.

An eyewitness report in German media claims one of the terrorists was wearing military-style boots and screaming “Scheib Auslander,” German for “F**king Migrants,” saying that he was German.

A video of people running away from one of the Munich gunmen as he opens fire outside a restaurant has surfaced online.

Sputnik reports:

An eyewitness told German media that one of the attackers, outfitted with military-style boots, screamed “Scheib Auslander,” German for “F**king Migrants.”

Also, a video posted on social media shows a suspect on the roof of the mall shooting and saying “I am a German,” according to German newspaper Abendzeitun-Muenchen.

Locals suggest that the mall targeted was known as a spot where migrants often met. The shopping center was also near the Hasenbergl district, which hosts a large immigrant population.

The shooting left at least nine people dead and multiple injured. Three shooters are believed to be behind the attack, and are currently the subject of a citywide manhunt.

Authorities have confirmed that one of the victims was a suicide.

A state of emergency has been declared.

Video shows one of the Munich Shooters opening fire outside a restaurant.

Sputnik reports:

Police indicate that this remains an active shooter situation until authorities can confirm that they have detained and arrested all people involved. The shooting occurred at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall in Munich.

Police continue to search for what they believe are three shooters who coordinated the ambush on the mall which was a destination where minorities and immigrants were known to frequent. Police indicate that they do not believe that the attack is tied to an Islamic terrorist network. Today is the 5th anniversary of the attack in Norway by an ultra-right nationalist.

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