Shocking Video Shows Hunter Biden Doing a Line of Cocaine on White House Balcony – Media Silent

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Hunter Biden caught doing coke on White House balcony during July 4th celebrations

A video posted online of Hunter Biden doing a line of cocaine on the White House balcony during the July 4th celebrations went viral on Wednesday.

In the wake of the Secret Service discovering cocaine in the White House West Wing on Sunday, Hunter appeared unphased during Tuesday night’s celebrations as he snorted a line of coke in front of the world’s television cameras.

In the video clip, a visibly high Hunter can be seen standing with his hands close together in front of him just to the side of Jill, while Joe is beaming and looking lost. Hunter walks behind Jill and quickly raises both hands to his face and snorts something into his nostril.

As he emerges past Jill, Hunter’s left hand goes up to slick down his hair while he fiddles with his nose with his right hand as he walks away from the family gathering on the balcony.

Watch: reports: DC Draino reposted the video clip in a tweet that has gone viral with well over three million views and climbing, with the caption: “Nothing to see here Just a video of Hunter Biden allegedly doing a bump of cocaine at the White House in front of children But don’t worry – the media said the bag of blow found at the WH wasn’t Hunter’s!”

Close up:

Another commenter posted a different clip showing an apparently wound up Hunter:

For those who have trouble seeing Twitter videos, go to 1:58 of this video posted by C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman:

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