Italian Driver Crashes Rare New Ferrari And Then Blames Car

Fact checked

A Ferrari driver wrecked his £920,000 supercar just minutes after buying it


Video footage shows a rare Ferrari being driven erratically before crashing in the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The £920,000 super car is one of only 499 LaFerrari’s in existence. It is seen hugging the road as it veers left and right, followed by a sharp right across the traffic and into stationary cars. The driver blamed the accident on the cars tyres.

The Mirror reports:

The aftermath was caught on film by local photographer Akos Moldvan on Saturday, October 31.

He said: “The driver didn’t say much and hasn’t really been under much of stress after the crash – he lit up a cigar while he was taking out the cover for the car from the trunk.

“The car slipped out of control when the owner tried to suddenly accelerate.
 The owner blamed the tires being cold for having no grip.


viral YouTube video:


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