Barack Obama Caught Aiding ISIS In Recent Terror Raid

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Barack Obama caught aiding ISIS in Trump bust

Former president Barack Obama has been accused of aiding ISIS militants, according to a senior military figure who says that terrorists were tipped off about a top-secret raid in Yemen.

Navy SEAL William Ryan Owen was killed during a recent raid in Yemen, and according to Captain Joseph John, Obama hired people in the Muslim Brotherhood to work in Washington in order to collect information about the raid and tip off militants in Yemen before it occurred. reports:

These three Muslim brothers could have accessed highly sensitive data and could have tipped off the enemy about this planned raid, via Daily Mail.

These brothers were hired and given a top security clearance and then worked for three intelligence panel members and five members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

It was well after the failed mission, which killed Navy SEAL Owen and a young girl, that these men were fired by the Trump administration.

Although one Trump official admitted that finding leakers is as likely as identifying “cockroaches under the couch,” there are apparently some officials in the Trump administration who firmly believe these men accessed something they shouldn’t have, via Politico.

Indeed, Captain John believes there is a deep infiltration in our government, started by the Obama administration. Conspiracy theory? The liberals would have you believe that, but even when Obama was first running in 2008, some thought he was some kind of stealth candidate.

“For nearly eight years, Obama has been filling the Washington bureaucracy, including DHS, the CIA, DOD, the National Security Council, the White House, the State Department, every U.S. intelligence agency, and the U.S. Armed Forces, with thousands of members of the CAIR, MPAC, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups,” Captain John wrote.

Obama has had two terms to fill these government positions with those dedicated to Islamic ideology. It is going to take a considerable amount of time for Trump to undo the damage that may have been caused. There literally could be Muslim jihadists involved in every facet of our government.

Of course, you can trust liberals to fail to see the big picture. They will immediately argue Obama’s hiring practices were based on a desire for “diversity.” That is a liberal excuse for many things these days, and it does not excuse any of the troubling connections here.

There should be outrage on many different counts if Capt. Joseph John is right, including over the suspicion that Obama deliberately favored Muslims for many of these positions without thoroughly vetting them. If you think it’s unlikely Obama could have let dangerous men into our government by accident, well, you are just being naive.

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