Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Vowing To Arrest Assange Is A US Spy

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Ecuadorian presidential candidate who wants Assange arrested is a US informant

The Ecuadorian presidential candidate who has vowed to arrest Julian Assange has been caught working for the U.S. government as a spy. 

Ecuadorian presidential candidate, Patricio Zuquilanda, has threatened to expel Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy if he wins the Feb. 19 election.

Zuquilanda said that if he wins he will hand over Assange to Swedish authorities.

Mr. Assange learns at twelve o’clock that Patriotic Society and Patricio Zuquilanda won the Presidency, he must take his chécheres and immediately leave, because at six o’clock that individual will be placed under the orders of the Swedish Police” Zuquilanda Said.

According to WikiLeaks, however, the presidential candidate is implicated in WikiLeaks cables as a US informant. reports:

The concept of sovereignty has a certain degree of subjectivity when, in the midst of political disputes, everyone accommodates it according to their interests. How will the presidential candidate Patricio Zuquilanda understand him? Who has said that, to become president, in his first presidential act expelled from the embassy of Ecuador, in London, to the asylum Julian Assange.

Although Ecuadorian diplomacy has always been formed by a majority of patriots and very competent career officials, it is also true that it has also been infected by individuals of questionable professional solvency, among whom the former governor of the notorious government of Lucio Gutiérrez, stands out with plenty of merits.

WikiLeaks cables undressed without shame the imperial obsession of those who misdirected the country’s foreign policy. Described as “arrogant, seeking personal interest over the national interest …” (cable 05QUITO1522), Zuquilanda’s knees show full flexibility when from his self-exile in Bogota “called in a state of panic, urgency …” the American ambassador To ask for help because the Congress at that time wanted to prosecute him for his total inaction against the criminal sinking of Ecuadorian migrant ships by the US Navy (cable 05QUITO1344).

As confirmation that the devil pays badly to his devotees, and despite the fact that the foreign minister assured that “the United States can not have a better ally in Ecuador than I …” in the same cable says that “… his quackery rarely brings Actions “so that” We do not feel that we owe Zuquilanda any assistance in this matter “.

Zuquilanda’s devotion to the US embassy was indeed impressive.

He often called or visited the ambassador, either to ask for his approval for the replacement of the ambassador Gutiérrez planned to do in Washington (cable 04QUITO3151); Either to assure him that Ecuador was trying, behind the scenes, to avoid at all costs a visit by President Chávez, against whom he referred in the worst terms (cable 04QUITO2208).

When challenged by the ambassador about why she never made public her criteria, the ex-Chancellor, with blushing sincerity, justified herself: “It’s that Latinos are not like that …”.

The current presidential candidate for the PSP did not lose occasion to make merits with the power of the north; One day was credited with allegedly persuading Brazil not to invite Cuba to the Rio Group (cable 04QUITO2399); Another day made clear that “the United States owed him,” the fact that the declaration of the Arab-Latin American summit was not so incendiary against Washington and Israel (cable 05QUITO834).

Faced with such impudence impudence, it is not surprising then that the ex-Chancellor Zuquilanda has nightmares with Julian Assange. His genuflex notion of foreign policy is not enough for him to understand that the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the United Nations Human Rights Council, that is to say, the highest instance of the world in the matter, in its forceful opinion valid each and every One of the theses sovereignly raised by Ecuador to guarantee asylum to the editor of WikiLeaks.

Assange is, along with Edward Snowden, the most important political asylum in the world; However, Zuquilanda’s concept of sovereignty is also not enough to understand the relevance of an asylum that has raised the support and international solidarity of intellectuals, activists and citizens, who believe that Ecuador is giving the world a lesson in the exercise of sovereignty.

Fortunately, the ill-fated government of Lucio Gutiérrez is already sad past. It is to be hoped that the urns will once and for all bury both their former Foreign Minister Zuquilanda and their itinerant former ambassador Guillermo Lasso and his former finance minister, Mauricio Pozo, who in an offense to the memory of Ecuadorians also compete for the highest Dignity of the country.


  1. Is t it amazing how Assange uncovers corruption in all govts. And then is labeled a traitor? In times passed, he would be labeled a patriot.

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