University Of California: Camouflaged Aliens Walk Among Us

Fact checked
Univerisy of California scientists claim that disguised aliens walk among us

Professor Jonathan Malkisom from the University of California says that he has proof that aliens have lived on Earth for as long as humans have existed. 

During a press conference held in 2000, Malkisom told reporters that aliens have lived among us as observers, disguised so that they blend in with other humans.

According to the University of California professor, aliens adopted human appearance in order to study life on Earth without interruption.

It’s like an extreme version of the camouflage found in some insects and animals. Moreover, according to historical records, there have been aliens on Earth from the beginning of creation,” says Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada. reports:

In the Book of Genesis it is said about a confrontation between Jacob and God: “And Jacob remained alone, and a man wrestled with him until the rising of the dawn.”

More recently it’s even been suggested that Nephilim, the offspring of God and mortal women, are in fact alien beings.

Claims of alien life aren’t new; it’s just that they’ve only recently gained traction.

The CIA declassified information on the Roswell case, which says that three alien corpses were taken after the crash along with debris from their ship.

The reason for the crash is unknown, possibly being either alien equipment being affected by the ground radars, or the ship being hit by lightning. JFK himself wanted to investigate further but was unable to due to his untimely death.

As more information is revealed by official sources like the CIA and renowned scientists, along with more people recording what they see, more evidence of aliens existing is becoming a reality.

Whether aliens currently live among people or not, scientists are still preparing for contact between man and extraterrestrial.