High School Student Spat on and Beaten by Liberal Bullies for Wearing MAGA Hat

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Teenage high school student spat on and assaulted for wearing a MAGA hat

A brutal assault on a teenage Trump supporter wearing a MAGA hat was captured on video before going viral on social media.

The 15-year-old boy had his MAGA hat stolen by a female classmate, who refused to give it back.

“Look how f****** stupid you look,” the girl screams, before spitting on his face.

“You f****** look like a clown!” She tells him.

The boy then tries to take back his MAGA hat.

“Give me my f****** hat,” the boy says.

The boy then attempts to take his hat back before a second female student intervenes and punches the boy in the face.

“It’s my hat…it’s my hat,” the boy tells her.

The girl then continues to threaten more violence:

“Boy, I’m gonna knock you in your f****** mouth, let go of this f****** hat right f****** now! You wanna support Trump, I’m gonna knock you in the f****** teeth! I’ma knock you in the f****** teeth.”



Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The Gateway Pundit is not naming the student, due to his age, but spoke to his mother Meshyalah McElhaney who said that the girls involved have been expelled and there will likely be criminal charges.

“He has not attended public school since 1st grade, he has attended charter schools and was doing online. This year he was taking two electives at public school and this happened just two weeks in. He is solely doing online now. He is 15 in 10th grade,” McElhaney told the Gateway Pundit. “I am so incredibly proud of him for holding his ground and not giving into her and retaliating.”

McElhaney said that one of the girls is going to be charged with a felony and the other is still unclear if it will be a misdemeanor of felony. Both of the girls were also in tenth grade.

The school recently had to switch to online schooling due to a spike in COVID cases, making the mask theft and spitting even more egregious.

The Gateway Pundit has spoke to officials within the Trump administration and the campaign to hopefully hook him up with an upgraded and signed hat.

GoFundMe has also been launched so that his family can take him on a trip or do something special with him.


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