European Court Blocks Britain From Deporting Illegal Migrants To Rwanda

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Britain was forced to cancel a flight that was scheduled to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda late on Tuesday evening after the European Court of Human Rights intervened, saying the plan carried “a real risk of irreversible harm.”

The first chartered flight removing asylum seekers from the UK was set to depart for Rwanda on Tuesday.

The action has sparked calls for Brexit Britain to finally leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

The tory party is said to be furious and in a defiant statement to MPs, the Home Secretary insisted that the government was still ‘committed’ to the policy and ‘will not accept that we have no right to control our borders’.

Breitbart reports: The deportation flight, which had already been bogged down to near irrelevancy by domestic legal challenges resulting in just a handful of illegal boat migrants prepped for removal to Rwanda, was cancelled outright by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) after an 11th-hour appeal by an Iraqi migrant.

According to a report from The Telegraph, an alleged asylum seeker from Iraq, dubbed ‘KN’, launched an appeal at the ECHR after losing an appeal at the UK Supreme Court.

The European judges found that the Iraqi should not be deported until a judicial review of the policy has been conducted and that there was no legal mechanism for him to be returned to Britain should the migrant face poor treatment in Rwanda as the country is outside the jurisdiction of the ECHR.

Despite the UK officially leaving the European Union in 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government failed to remove the country from the jurisdiction of the ECHR as it is technically outside of the EU’s preview and therefore unaffected by Brexit.

Leading Brexit figures, including Nigel Farage, had warned that the scheme to deport illegal migrants to the East African nation of Rwanda would be hampered by the UK’s membership in the European Court.

Commenting on the ECHR blocking the deportation flight, Mr Farage said on Wednesday morning: “Left-wing lawyers now dictate our immigration policy. Time to leave the ECHR and finally complete Brexit.

Mr Farage said that the fight to leave the European Court will be “Brexit 2.0” as Prime Minister Boris Johnson didn’t “do Brexit properly”.

“We don’t need lessons from people in Strasbourg about justice and liberty I think over the centuries we’ve done it rather better,” Farage said of the ECHR, which he claimed that despite its supposed independence is, in reality, a functionary of the EU and full of “political activists”.

The former leader of the Conservative Party, Sir Iain Duncan Smith characterised the ECHR decision as a “legal farce” and seconded calls for Britain to leave the legal body.

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