Maui Locals Furious at Oprah After She Bought Up Thousands of Acres For Pennies on the Dollar

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Maui locals are furious at Oprah Winfrey after it was revealed she bought up thousands of acres of land for pennies on the dollar.

The media mogul, who has purchased more than 2,000 acres of land in the tourist destination, showed up to provide aid to those who were without food and shelter during the deadly four-day fire that tore through the heart of the community. But to say Maui residents were unhappy to see her would be a major understatement after her recent land grabs.

The land was sold by ‘Ulupalakua Ranch for a reported $6.6 million to Winfrey’s Harpo Inc. company in a three-part deal last year; 520 acres were sold for $3.89 million, 330 acres for $2.47 million, and lastly, 10 acres for $100,000.

AtlantaBlackStar reports: The conservation trust, which is owned by The Erdman Family, protects 11,000 parcels that are used by farms and ranches, natural grazing habitats for local livestock, as well as restoration of the land.

The conservation agreement was put in place in 2009 as an agricultural easement.

The OWN network founder has been a resident of Maui since 2005, when she purchased the historic Thompson Ranch and 100 acres that surround it, some of which she transformed into a garden. She also owns several other acres around the island.

In recent years, locals have attempted to persuade tourists not to visit the island as a form of pushing back on the rising cost of living. Many have argued that residents do not reap the financial benefits of tourism.

“I like Oprah but WTF do you need 800+ acres in Hawaii for,” asked one person.

“Kanaka only dragging @Oprah but not @larryellison when he owns 90% of Lana’i, Hawaii? Kanaka need to deal with their internalized racism More white folks/missionaries own Hawaii & the god d**ned churches than Black folks Get Real,” wrote another.

“Outside investment? Oprah is a United States citizen buying land in the United States. If the lands up for sale, she has a right to buy it,” argued another in defense of Winfrey.

Last year, radio personality Howard Stern attempted to disparage the billionaire by accusing her of showing off her wealth.

“I make a good living, and I’m having trouble watching Oprah,” he said during his criticism of her Hawaiian property that she has shown on social media.

“I go, wow. Look what’s going on over there? Her estate is unbelievable. When she goes shopping, she goes shopping in her backyard, cause everything is growing back there. There’s a farm back there.”

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