Roseanne Says Kamala ‘Karma-Sutra’ Harris ‘Slept Her Way To The Bottom’

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Roseanne Barr also slammed #MeToo movement calling accusers 'hoes'

Roseanne Barr has social media boiling again after slamming Kamala Harris, former Hollywood colleagues and the #MeToo movement.

In an interview with Fox News host Candace Owens, the ousted ABC star questioned the women whose stories created the worldwide movement against sexual harassment.

“I know a ho when I see one.”

RT reports: Speaking to conservative activist Candace Owens, Roseanne asked why some women in Hollywood found themselves in men’s hotel rooms at 3am, before answering her own question.

“They were there in the room because they thought they were going to get a job 15 years ago. ‘Cause they’re hos.”

“They’re pretending that they didn’t go to trade sexual favors for money,” she said, adding “I know a ho when I see one.”Barr heaped scorn on the women who accused comedian Louis CK of sexual harassment, saying “that’s who I’m talking about too.”

The unhinged comedienne then took aim at the Democrats’ 2020 frontrunner, Kamala Harris, accusing her of dating former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown for political gain. Brown admitted to “influencing” Harris’ political career when he addressed the rumors in a San Francisco Chronicle op-ed last month.

“Look at Kamala Harris, who I call Kama Sutra Harris,” Roseanne sneered. “We all know what she did… she slept her way to the bottom.”

Barr’s rebooted sitcom ‘Roseanne’ returned to screens last year to huge ratings and widespread acclaim. The good times didn’t last long, however, and Barr was booted from ABC after she tweeted that former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett looked like the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.” The former sitcom star has continued to sling insults since losing her job. In her latest interview, Barr also unloaded on newly minted Muslim congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, saying “It’s scary that we have Hamas in our Congress.” Omar, in particular, has been savaged for multiple alleged anti-Semitic statements since she took office in January.

Owens also joined in, claiming that Omar and Tlaib’s fellow Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “openly hates Jews,”without elaborating further.

Throughout the hour-long interview, Barr also found time to insult her former Hollywood colleagues Kathy Griffin, Sandra Bernhard and Sara Gilbert (“too ugly to be on TV”) and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford (“should be in prison”).

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