LVMPD Commander: ‘Different Weapons Were Fired At Different Locations’

Fact checked
LVMPD second in Command says multiple weapons were fired

The Commander of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) has admitted that different types of weapons were fired from different locations during the mass shooting on October 1st.

Speaking on KNPR Radio, second-in-command Undersheriff Kevin McMahill admitted that different weapons were fired from several different vantage point at the Mandalay Bay’s north tower. reports: The Undersheriff said that Stephen Paddock had a total of 23 weapons in his room at the time of the shooting and said that several different weapons were fired and that several had jammed.

“There were different types of weapons being fired and most certainly the rate which they were being fired,” he said. “As we told you before, there was twenty-three weapons in the room — and I can also tell you that the one end room was the one that looked down onto the music festival, the adjacent adjoining room that had a connected door inside had a completely different caliber rifle that he was using as a single shot rifle.”

“I am one-hundred percent confident that [Paddock] was solely responsible for pulling the trigger on all those weapons,” he added. “There were two distinct vantage points.”

McMahill said that Paddock fired at the airport fuel tanks before he ‘opened up fire into masses of people,’ but later said that Paddock fired onto the crowd from an elevated position after he had shot security guard Jesus Campos at 9:59 p.m. which is 9 minutes before automatic gunfire rang out.

The Undersheriff explained that although investigators are doing there best to solve the crime new details are constantly emerging which are forcing LVMPD to adjust the timeline here and there.

“We thought that we had a relatively good picture until a couple of days ago,” he said. “[…] we also found out that there was a maintenance man that had come up to check the stairwell that the security officer had reported at being barricaded. […] we believe that the security guard did what he was ordered to do which was to go up and check the door alarm.”

“He had come up through the stairwell and found that the stairwell door would not open so as he retreats and goes back down, McMahill explained. “Not thinking anything of it at that particular point as he’s trying to get the door open he hears drilling which was odd to him. He begins to notify dispatch who dispatches a maintenance person up there. The security guard is down [the hall] checking on the door and then he is subsequently fired upon as the maintenance man, as well, is emerging in the hallway and are just riddled with hundreds of bullets at this point.”

“We believe he fired a number of single shot rounds and then unloaded a significant amount of rounds down that hallway and then proceeded to shoot into the crowd,” the Undersheriff maintained.

McMahill added that over 1000 rounds were fired by Paddock during the duration of the attack and said that thousands of rounds were still left in the room unfired.


  1. what about the very obvious use of an M-240 machine gun? You might bullshit all these snowflake democrats that have never fired one, but I have fired 50,000+ rounds from one and I know it better than my mothers voice.QUIT FUCKING LYING.

    • Why must you people always go out with the “snowflake democrats?” I have been saying this from the get go and by dRUMPf supporters have been telling me I am a liberal snowflake who has no idea about guns. Sure right and us Liberals don’t have weapons, which is just too funny! Try leaving the name calling of others than those who will believe anything that this POS tells them to believe. One of the main reasons we all were given different brains. I also feel this was a total set-up by many different people and a few were asked ???’s from the media.

  2. Quit the lies!!

    Witnesses reported being shot at on the ground and at other hotels in the area. Just listen to the police scanners at the time, they report the same thing!

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