Underwater Vehicle Used By Navy SEALs On Stealth Missions – Video

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There are a few different kinds of SDVs, or SEAL Delivery Vehicles that operate classified missions in countries around the world.

United States Navy SEALS are highly trained military operatives, and their underwater vehicles use some of the most advanced stealth technology available.

There are several different kinds of SDVs, or SEAL Delivery Vehicles, and most of their details are kept secret by the military as they are used for a variety of classified missions.

Sized to accommodate from one to six SEALs traveling inside, most SDV’s are free-flooding meaning the soldiers are submerged in water, often for hours at a time, using their SCUBA tank, or onboard oxygen to breathe.

Now, the Navy has also developed a dry version of the SDV.

These vehicles are made out of fiberglass and non-ferrous materials, so that their magnetic and acoustic footprints are kept to a minimum to avoid detection.

They are equipped with Doppler navigation, docking systems, and sonar to guide the SDV back to the host submarine after the SEALs have been delivered to the location of the mission.

Due to their clandestine design the vehicles are reportedly capable of carrying out attack missions, and underwater charges housed in large cargo holds can be deployed to attach to a ship’s hull for timed or remote detonation.

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