Strange Sounds From Sky Multiply In Last Month, Terrifying People

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strange sounds from sky

We have reported many times over the years about bizarre, trumpet-like or metallic-like sounds that began emanating from the sky starting in 2012.

Since then, thousands of people from across the globe have posted videos of these bizarre sounds which seem to have no set point of origin.

Many people believe this is a biblical prophecy being fulfilled – specifically, that of the “angels trumpets” being sounded as in revelations.

Others believe it is a sign of the Earth releasing gas and pressure in preparation for some cataclysmic event like an Earthquake.

Still, others believe that these videos are one giant hoax.

Whatever you believe, it is interesting to note that many of the people who recently posted these videos are not regular YouTube contributors and they don’t have hundreds of thousands of views on their videos. They appear to be just regular people across the world posting something unusual they’ve captured to show their friends and family.

Thanks to the website “Strange Sounds“, we now have a compilation of separate videos from March 2016 that are slightly more chilling than ones we have heard before.

Take a listen below to some of the short videos and let know what you think they are – or who you think is creating them.

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