Must Watch Videos: Strange Sounds From Sky Worldwide – What’s Going On?

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What the heck are those strange, loud, even ominous sounds coming from the sky around the globe?  Some think they are some sort of undiscovered natural phenomenon.

The US Navy uses extreme sonar blasts in their operations across the Pacific and Atlantic and the sounds are very similar to what people are hearing in the sky – the Navy Sonar sounds disrupt Whale and dolphin sonar and kills them almost immediately – just from the sound blast. In the last 3 years since they implemented the new sonar tech, more dead whales and dolphins have washed-up on American shores than ever before and studies have proven it’s the NAVY tech. Therefore some people are making a link to the sounds in the sky to the NAVY’s sonar and wondering if we aren’t going to end up like the whales and dolphins.

Others think the sounds are something more sinister – perhaps a play out of the alleged “Project Blue Beam” black NASA program (Read our recent article about it here).

[1] Susan Duclo explains:

In the latest Jason A compilation video, he delves into disturbing events and “climate chaos” and Apocalyptic chilling sounds from around the world with strange sound credits from Israel, India, the US states Utah and Indiana, to point out evens point to end times signs.

Source videos used for the weird sounds across the globe will all be shown below the Jason A video.

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Strange blowing slounds in Orem Utah, not a snow shovel, not enough snow to use one of those, sound from a very far distance that lasted 4-5 min

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Weird noises in the sky, Lafayette Indiana 3pm

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[1] 2015 Chaos Coming! Strange Events And Apocalyptic Sounds Around The World!