Top Neurologist Says ADHD Is A Fake Disorder

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Top doctor says ADHD is a fake disease, designed to make big pharma money

A respected Neurologist has come forward and admitted that Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) does not exist, and is really only an umbrella of symptoms and not actually a disease. 

Dr Richard Saul has published a book called “ADHD Does Not Exist: The Truth About Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder,” claiming that the number of people who actually suffer from the disorder is zero. reports:

Richard Saul is a neurologist who has had a long career in examining patients who have been having trouble with short attention spans and inability to focus. From his first hand experience, he feels that ADHD is nothing more than a fake disorder that is really only an umbrella of symptoms and not actually a disease. He strongly feels that it should not be listed as a separate disorder in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic & Statistical Manual, all detailed in his book which is set to release in February 2014.

As it stands, ADHD is defined as a psychiatric disorder that is neurodevelopmental. In order for diagnosis, significant issues with attention and/or hyperactivity and acting impulsively that are not appropriate for a person’s age must be present. The number of ADHD diagnoses has increased greatly in recent years due to the fact that doctors are using the disorder as a simple means to not only explain lack of focus or attention but also to allow the use of medication which can mean direct benefit for the doctor. Saul feels that many parents these days are looking for any way to get their kids to sit down and remain quiet and ADHD, and the medications that go along with it, can be the quick fix they are looking for. Currently, 1 in 9 children are labelled as ADHD and of that, two-thirds of them are on some sort of drug.

Unfortunately this solution is not an effective one as the drugs are dangerous and contain addictive stimulants. While many doctors are prescribing them without question, there should be a lot more thought that goes into addressing the root issue well before drugs are pushed. According to Saul, trying to treat something like ADHD as a disease is a big mistake. It can be seen as going into a doctor’s office with heart pains and simply being prescribed painkillers. Yes, you may walk away pain-free for a few hours, but then you die of a heart attack. Without looking to the core issue, we cannot properly know what is going on.

“ADHD makes a great excuse, the diagnosis can be an easy-to-reach-for crutch. Moreover, there’s an attractive element to an ADHD diagnosis, especially in adults. It can be exciting to think of oneself as involved in many things at once, rather than stuck in a boring rut.” Richard Saul


  1. This is completely bogus.  I have suffered from ADHD for 50 years (without drug treatment) and I can tell you it has an effect on how I approach my life.  I have developed strategies to keep focus and concentration and to not forget things when I jump around from topic to topic.

    • Nope.  I got diagnosed with it too.  It was not me, but my pathetically boring teachers.  Also, ADHD is merely used for drug companies to make money.  They spend little if anything on making the pills, but charge enormous amounts for it to be purchased.

  2. When you see a kids who is totally unable to deny diversions in class, talsk and yaps all the time,  becomes un underachiever, and turns around with one weeks worth of Ritalin, you know this Neurologist is bogus. I never push the drug. I wait patiently for the parents to exhaust their frantic searching, then offer it for one week only. It works, because ADHD is real.

    • Wait, you’d rather watch the parents frantically search until exhaustion, as parents do because they love their little one more than anything and would love to find a solution, instead of being a healer and trying what we’ve known is working, which is changing the diet. Oh wait, I forgot….that is just too “FREE” for those prescribing the pills. 

    • Proper testing should to be required for all Children my son was one of them 17 years ago I was called home from work and finally was told he has to be on Medication WELL! I said he’s not taking NO Medicine from a school’s point of view. That night I had a good talk to him and said IF I ever get called home again you’ll need pills for your ass not your discipline or brain. End of Story- Also NO Pills.

    • Where is your evidence that changing the diet is working? It may be successful treatment for some but I’ve never seen empirical evidence that it is the cure-all. I’ve seen a direct example of success with short term Ritalin with a complete regress when it was withdrawn. 

  3. If it is an umbrella of symptoms I would like to know symptoms of what? ADHD is real and for the sufferer and his/her familly it is a hard, tiresome and very difficult road. I think this man is seeking attention!

    • More than likely its related to diet, certain artificial preservatives and dyes in the food which basically are poison, sugar, which not only is highly addictive but also very destructive in the body, immunizations, weakened immune system, food allergy, fluoride (ugh, a great way to create a submissive population), nutritional deficiencies caused by microwave cooking,  gut sensitivity from Glyphosate, a biggie, and the list goes on. Many people also still believe that gluten-intolerance is caused from gluten itself and not the poisonous Glyphosate, which is sprayed practically everywhere. 

    • IF we had the proper laws for Truest of Foods more Americans would be Healthier and what not, IF ADHD is real I’ve had it even I worked and very family oriented so this Guy isn’t looking for attention have an open-Mind for one then speak.

  4. all this diagnoses of invented illnesses that dosent exist should be labelled as fraud. The children are used for drug testing purpose and for making trillions of dollar for treatments a year.

  5. ADHD is fake its an excuse for poor parenting. What children needs is discipline and a parent NOT a friend. Take responsibility parents. Get your children under control.

  6. Question:  How many kids who grow up on FAMILY farms with parents who INSIST that kids pull their weight on those family farms have ADHD?

  7. I agree that there is a lot of misdiagnosis, but being the mother of an adhd child, I very firmly agree that this condition does exist and I still have the mental anguish to prove it

    • We weren’t designed to sit in a classroom for nearly 8 hours a day holding pencils learning about things that we truly have no interest in. I’ll lay a bet on it that your child thrives with much enthusiasm and focus when he/she is excited about a project.

    • Try being a better parent. It’s lazy parenting that is the root of any child who does not have patients for anything except for what they want to do, not what they’re told to do.

  8. Can we have a list of the sources you used for this article? You must realize that big pharma doesn’t make their money off of generic medications. Adderall generics cost as little as 90 dollars at any pharmacy.

  9. Medicine is not the only answer. Look into Hardy Nutritionals, the pioneers of treating mental health without meds.

  10. The other symptoms maybe pressure of speech and bipolar disorder! But that is more in grown women! Boys are just being boys when they behave like that! T

  11. Feeding kids fruit loops and orange juice and a couple of pop tarts, then sending them to school and expecting them to sit still and quiet for eight hours, is cruel. parents, make the eat eggs and bacon, and cancel the TV cable so they don’t see the ads for count chocula. “a part of a complete breakfast”. which part will that be?

  12. Idiots. It IS a real condition, But you have people, even doctors getting confused because they cant tell the difference between normal energetic kid behavior and the Hyperactive Attention Deficit afflicted. It has to do with how the brain process information. The ADHD mind takes in EVERYTHING alll at once and has a very difficult time sorting things out. It is also like having a go, go go mindset with no off button. That is why the strange thing of giving a stimulant to them works to help concentration, to activate the part of the brain that deals with the ‘stop’. With our son we put him on Ritalin for the school year, and just endured the behavior during the summer, taking him completely off of it then, I also had this problem when i was young, apparently some of us pass it down though the generations… kind of like a ‘warrior gene’ Untreated, i vowed my son would never have to endure what i had to go though growing up. The perseverance has paid off. Dont let them prescribe Addoral for your child though… it has bad behavior side effects, and not all children can take Ritalin either.
    And yes, sugar, artificial food colorings and food additives can possibly and more likely probably make things worse.. some common sense should be applied there… every child is different. Here might be a simple difference to consider… While caffine would make a ‘normal’ kid more ‘hyper’, a ADHD kid would be calmer.

    I agree with Christian on what he says too… I think we start school actually two years too early, and dont give them enough recess breaks. Children never should have to be forced to sit in chairs for a whole school day… sans their lunch, and too many schools have inadequate free play time for their youngsters.

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