Internal DNC Memo Confirms Polls Are Rigged

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Internal DNC memo reveals plans to rig Presidential election in November

An internal DNC memo has been leaked online that explains how the Democratic party intends on fixing polls in order to control and manage the 2016 elections. 

The document appears to be a 2013 pitch to high-dollar donors, explaining how the party plan to ensure a victory in the November 2016 presidential election.

The document starts off by revealing how polling works:

COMMAND: Determines the battleground states and where resources will be expended.

PSYCHOMETRY: A voter-behavioral think-tank creates models of voters so that the necessary margins and demographics can move them.

STRATEGY: A math think-tank provides the underlying data to feed polling houses to support the psychology.

COVER: Polling organizations presented as legitimate appear to conduct polls using STRATEGY’s underlying data.

MEDIA: Compliant media releases and provides the voice-over narrative.


From the internal DNC memo entitled, “Poll & Media Manipulation“:

In 2008 the comparative weakness of John McCain and the extreme messaging discipline imposed by Barack Obama collided by accident with the public emergence of poll-driven data-reporting. This was best embodied in 538’s Nate Silver: The public’s mind was captured by the image of mathematical wizards able to make uncannily accurate political predictions.

Barack Obama, for his part, saw opportunity. Impressed by the impact polling-aggregation had as a persuader, he quickly turned his Opposition Research team on Silver and, in addition to using campaign funds to pay off Silver’s gambling debts, was quickly able to co-opt him.

By the time the 2012 election came, the Obama Victory Lab had put in place the connections and communications necessary to exploit the grip polling had on the American imagination. This infrastructure included control of polling houses, friendly or forced cooperation in the media, and a pair of think-tanks that would design the numbers that would be, through several hands, translated into The Message.

The actual 2012 election was a 2pt Romney Favorite as his internal polling suggested—but so powerful was the ability to modulate public life that the 2012 demographics were actually shifted in favor of Obama by a net +5 despite, for example, widespread black dissatisfaction and youth ambivalence to a second Obama term.

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