Grieving UK Man Arrested and Strip Searched for Taking a Walk

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Grieving Welsh man arrested and subjected to strip search for taking a walk on a beach

A grieving man in the UK was arrested by police and subjected to a “humiliating” strip search for the crime of walking along his local beach.

The disturbing incident was highlighted by Welsh member of Parliament Neil McEvoy, who posted a video of the unlawful arrest to Twitter.

According to McEvoy, the man and his wife were grieving the recent death of an uncle and wanted to visit a local beach to go for a walk.

Mr. Radek, the man seen being violently handcuffed in the video, says that the couple had been struggling with mental health issues as a result of the endless lockdown.

“My family was struggling with many issues that are sourced in the constant lockdowns and homeschooling,” Radek said.

“On top of that came personal family problems which we faced in the last months. They include the very serious illness of my wife’s brother and death of close relatives. We were not even able to say goodbye or go and attend the funeral in Poland.” reports: On returning to the car park after their walk on Talacre Beach, Radek and his wife were confronted by two female police officers who had been handing out fines.

Radek was told he had violated coronavirus regulations and was handcuffed before being subjected to a search without consent.

After refusing to give his name (which is not a legal requirement), Radek says he was taken to the police station, interrogated and shouted at.

Radek then says he was told to remove his clothes and threatened with their removal by scissors if he didn’t. He was then subjected to a humiliating strip search while being denied use of the toilet.

“It felt very humiliating and intimidating. I was explained my rights to speak to a solicitor and after about 3 hours I was released,” said Radek, who was not charged with any crime.

This is merely another example of the draconian policing now in force throughout the UK, with lockdown set to continue in some form until at least the end of June.


  1. Must be lovely to live in the UK , that’s the difference between being a subject of the crown and being a citizen in the USA.

    • It really isnt at the moment. its been getting worse over the years but we are now prisoners in our own home in our country! Thankfully not every police force in the UK is behaving this way but in Wales it has been a particularly harsh and long lockdown. None of this is to do with a virus of course its here to stay or until people rise up.

  2. They really hide it well but truth is the Vatican LOATHED Poland because the Piles welcomed Jews and other religions into their country and grew fabulously wealthy from it They became richer and potentially more powerful than the Vatican itself as a Catholic country .They couldn’t sta.d that They never forgive .Or forget .

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