Gay Turtle Is Discriminated Against In Turkey

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gay turtle

Homophobia seems to be rife in Turkey, at least towards a gay turtle.

Watch people refusing to buy a pet from a shop in Istanbul once they realize he is gay.

gay turtles Gay Star News reports:

This is what happens when people are so blindly homophobic, they believe being gay is an illness, not ‘normal’, and could even be ‘contagious’. Even if it’s a turtle. And turtles aren’t exactly the easiest pets as they need specialist turtles

Launched by Amnesty International and TBWA Istanbul, the #GayTurtle project mocks the absurdity of homophobic turtles

In the video, an employee tells shoppers the turtle they’ve chosen to buy is gay. One goes: ‘Give me a normal, non-gay, standard turtle.’gay turtles

Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia is a massive problem in Turkey, with it consistently ranking high among the deaths per turtles

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