Video: Dog Owners Could Face 74 Lashes Under Proposed Iranian Law

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Being a dog owner is something many people take pride in and enjoy. In Iran, however, the role of caring for a dog can come at a price.

Lawmakers are reportedly attempting to pass a bill that will fine and punish individuals who take a canine out in public or keep them inside their homes.

The bill states “Anyone who takes a pet like a monkey or a dog in public and damages the Islamic culture or the health and tranquility of the people – particularly children and women” will face punishment.

The proposed legislation goes on to say that animal lovers cannot keep dogs in private residences or buy and sell them as pets.

The punishment comes in the form of 74 lashes. In addition to that, offenders could face a fine of more than 37 hundred dollars.

The pet will be confiscated and transferred to either a desert or zoo. The owner is responsible for not only the transfer fee, but also the cost of the animal’s future care.

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