Earth Expected To Be Bombarded By Intense Solar Storms Next Year

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solar maximum

Scientists predict that we will reach ‘solar maximum’ in 2024, much sooner than expected and with flares strong enough to cripple the world’s internet for weeks.

Aprroximately every 11 years, the sun goes through what is known as ‘solar maximum’, when many planet size dark spots appear on its surface. These dark spots can release charged particles that hit the Earth

The Mail Online reports: These ‘sunspots’ – which can cluster together and form what looks like an archipelago – are caused by massive changes in our star’s magnetic field.

They also shoot out violent explosions of energy towards Earth, causing ‘solar storms’ that can potentially damage satellites and disrupt the internet.

A new study reveals that this solar maximum is coming sooner than expected – most likely in early 2024.

The new forecast comes from an Indian team of researchers and contrasts with the latest forecast from NASA, which puts its arrival at late 2025.

The new study was led by Dr Dibyendu Nandi, a physicist from the IISER Kolkata Center of Excellence in Space Sciences in India.

He said it is ‘not possible to predict the intensity and consequences’ of solar storms this early, but we should learn more as the new year approaches. 

‘The most intense storms can sometimes result in catastrophic orbital decay of low Earth orbiting satellites and disrupt satellite based services such as communications and navigational networks,’ he told MailOnline.

‘They can also induce strong disturbances in the geomagnetic field tripping electric power grids located in high latitude regions. 

‘Of course, they also create beautiful auroras so we can expect 2024 to be a good year for aurora hunters.’ 

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