Brian Stelter: Americans Should Not Trust Trump – But Must Trust CNN

Fact checked
CNN's Brian Stelter tells viewers they cannot trust President Trump

CNN’s Brian Stelter has urged the American public not to trust President Donald Trump but should instead tune into CNN for “the truth”.

The “Reliable Sources” host claims that Trump cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what happened during his one-on-one meeting with President Putin on Monday. reports: Stelter said Trump “simply cannot be trusted” because he has proven “time and time again” to lie and contradict himself, adding the meeting would cause his opponents to speculate if he is really a Russian agent working on “betraying America.”

“No aides, no note-takers,” Stelter said. “So, we’ll never really know what is said because, really, can we trust either man? No, we can’t.”

He added, “What President Trump says is so frequently false or nonsensical that his words don’t have the same meaning, the same power, the same impact as past presidents. It’s a shame, but it’s true. Trump simply cannot be trusted. He has proven this himself time and time again. It’s his own lies and his own contradictions that have proven it.”


  1. Recent past presidents like Clinton, Bush and Obama proved themselves liars and destroyed the USA beginning with the shipping of jobs overseas like Perot warned about. CNN = CIA = Crooks in Action = Pedophile protectors = the biggest drug supplier on the planet. The CIA is the MSM and they are totally without morals at least at the administrative level.

  2. CNN doesn’t even have the balls for a comment section below their “articles”. Hmm I wonder why

  3. Being obnoxious Democrat hack and a militant leftist, disrespectful to the POTUS, round ball needx to be put in his place. TIn London the whole world heard and saw the Fake News (the new name of the defunct CNN).
    Can’t get enough when thousands, and thousands, at the rallies shout “CNN SUCKS!”, “CNN SUCKS!”, “CNN SUCKS!”…

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