President Trump: CNN Is The Enemy Of The People

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Trump declares mainstream media the enemy of the people

President Donald Trump slammed the mainstream media, especially CNN, as being the “enemy of the people” ahead of his meeting with President Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

Predictably, this caused a lot of butt-hurt at CNN.

CNN’s White House provocateur Jim Acosta immediately fired back at Trump’s tweets.

“Takedown? I don’t think so. Perhaps we should even the playing field next time and you can take my question,” Acosta tweeted. reports: Earlier on Saturday, the president tweeted, “I just checked out Fake News CNN, for the first time in a long time (they are dying in the ratings), to see if they covered my takedown yesterday of Jim Acosta (actually a nice guy). They didn’t!”

On Friday, President Trump shut down CNN White House correspondent and provocateur Jim Acosta during a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, as Trump repeatedly hammered CNN and opted to only answer questions from “real” news networks.

“Mr. President, since you attacked CNN, can I ask you a question?” Acosta asked Trump.

Trump had criticized NBC News reporter Hallie Jackson earlier in the interview, saying that NBC was “possibly worse than CNN.”