Government Technology: Parapsychology, UFOs, Telepathy Are Real

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Parapsychology, UFOs, telepathy, anti-gravity, and other ideas normally considered “weird” and “unscientific” may actually be scientifically proven technologies that the government have funded and developed.

The proof they exist and are being developed is right under your nose. reports:

The following is a story—our story. It is indeed fantastic, all the more reason to do your own research and come to your own conclusions based on what you find the evidence to be yourself. By the end of your reading, I promise you’ll be absolutely mystified. Nonetheless, this is serious academic news, long and foolishly neglected by the materialist mainstream.

Just remember, conventional thinking is the lowest common denominator of human achievement, and there is no reason to think that popular consensus is any sort of rational artiter of truth–historically, the populus has not achieved a large enough degree of scientific literacy to appreciate the intricacies and nuances of science, and especially of modern physics. But no more.

There are indeed quite a few characters to this story, but we’ll start with just two–a couple of aerospace pioneers, the products of a world past of Einsteinhowever-era military industrial research.

An Aeronautical Engineering M. S. from MIT, Jim McDonnell was an aviation pioneer and founder of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, later McDonnell Douglas, later sold to Boeing after his death. Extremely wealthy, he set up the McDonnell Foundation as his philanthropic gift to the world.

Bob Jahn was Dean of Engineering at Princeton University from 1971 to 1986. A Physics Ph. D. from Princeton U, Jahn was good friends with McDonnell. Sponsored by NASA and the Air Force, Jahn is a plasma physicist and aerospace engineer—he is also Chairman of the Board of the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) and former Vice President of the Society for Scientific Exploration, both groups he helped incept.

In the 1970s during his time as Dean, Dr. Jahn was approached by an undergraduate hoping to study random event generation (REG) as it relates to parapsychology. In an unlikely twist of fate that would surely not happen at a university of similar caliber today, he agreed to oversee the research. After running their tests, assessing their data, and finding mildly positive results, Jahn, an engineer and quantum physicist, wanted to know more.

At a professional conference for parapsychology, Dr. Jahn met a Ms. Brenda Dunne, a young psychologist from the University of Chicago who had found her own parapsychological success in replicating supposed remote viewing (RV) experiments at SRI International.

Dr. Jahn and Ms. Dunne founded the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory at Princeton University in 1979. (The lab formally closed in 2007, although it has plenty of ongoing splinter projects, such as the Global Consciousness Project from 1998, also run out of Princeton U.)

Jim McDonnell, who had a longstanding interest in anomalistic psychology and the Occult, became one of PEAR’s primary funders through his James S. McDonnell Foundation. McDonnell variously and humorously named his aircraft “phantom,” “demon,” “goblin,” “banshee,” and “voodoo.”

The several million he gave to fund PEAR’s research at Princeton U was absolutely critical, as the university itself refused to fund anything to do with parapsychology and tried shutting the laboratory down several times (failing on each attempt for lack of just cause).

All these facts about PEAR and its involvement with the aerospace industry are corroborated by what we know the aerospace industry was in fact interested in during the mid to late 1970s and beyond.

Jack Houck, a systems engineer at Boeing, for instance, was well known at the time for his “PK Parties” (for remote viewing):

Mr. Houck was further friends with Dr. Robert Wood, a Cornell Physics Ph.D. and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Engineer. The following is a clip of Dr. Wood discussing the Coordinate RV parapsychology project he did behind closed doors for Jim McDonnell during his time at McDonnell Douglas (for which he received $20,000 in funding), along with his studies of UFO construction, weight, and g-forces (for which he received $500,000 funding):

Indeed, the military itself spent roughly $20 million on Project Stargate to study remote viewing, so there was at one time a lot of strong interest in PK backed by money. And that’s only the money spent in projects that we know about (i.e., those that were released and acknowledged publicly)…how much do you figure the Air Force could have or has spent on all of its top secret flying saucer projects over the years?

Now, this is the point at which the UFO people start to lose me a bit, but we’ll keep going with the story.

Dr. Wood mentions a few prominent military personnel and a reasonable timetable for an American “UFO cover-up.” Now I’m not not an astrobiologist, I’m a psychologist, so I can’t claim any sort of expertise on the following issues. However, this is essentially the timetable of events that Dr. Wood proposes, which I find interesting. Not necessarily correct, but worth considering.

1947: Roswell Flying Saucer Crash–original news headline, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region”

1948: Project Sign, the first official government study of UFOs, concluded with a positive view of the extraterrestrial hypothesis

1949: Project Grudge, the follow-up to Sign, and precursor to Project Blue Book

1952-1970: Project Blue Book, created for the scientific analysis of UFO-related data

1996: President Clinton announces we have have found meteorological evidence of life on mars

1997: NASA Astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover finds evidence of extraterrestrial micro-organismic life from 4.5 billion years past

1997: Lt. Colonel Philip J. Corso’s publishes his memoir, detailing his role in the Rosewell cover-up in 1947, The Day After Roswell

The post-Blue Book era of the 1970s was roughly the period that the U.S. government began its research into the physics and engineering of these aircraft–our technologies had therefore advanced far enough along that we no longer needed to study individual visitors as “UFOs” in as much detail since we now had direct access to their crafts and could begin the reverse engineering process.

In 2001, the Sirius Disclosure Project began a serious attempt by several hundred former military officials, scientists, engineers, pilots, astronauts, and air traffic controllers to get the government to publicly acknowledge its black-box, near criminal, taxpayer-funded research that has gone unacknowledged for the past 60 years into extraterrestrial intelligence (2 hours):

Regardless, Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research ended up publishing two book along with hundreds of academic papers, all well worth investigating, if you’d like to venture further down the rabbit hole. Mainstream academic journals have largely refused to publish their papers, so they’re just sitting there for anyone to use or to review. Although this is by no means universally the case, and PEAR has indeed published several of its most unusual papers in well-known, well-respected, peer-reviewed journals. They even have their own publishing house, ICRL

As for extraterrestrial life, Dr. Hoover, 1992 NASA Inventor of the Year, 2009 SPIE Gold Medal recipient, has written a book exemplifying how extraordinarily disingenuous he believes NASA has been when it comes to astrobiology, published by the Journal of Cosmology in 2011, The Discovery of Alien Extra-Terrestrial Life–The Cosmic Origins of Life:

The science editors at the New York Times know very little of Dr. Jahn or his Society for Scientific Exploration, nothing of Dr. Hoover and his dealings with NASA, nor anything of the Journal of Cosmology and the pioneering work done by its writers and editors. To them, this is all anathema and ought not be acknowledged publically–certainly not discussed.

Parapsychology doesn’t exist beacause we know it doesn’t exist, and if you purport to demonstrate in repeated statistical trails that it does, we’ll refuse to publish your papers and then ignore your data because it isn’t peer-reviewed (but we will take time to make snarky comments to the media without even looking at your research as well as to vandalize your Wikipedia page). Now, I ask you, is this science, or is it religion?

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