Antactica: Vaxxed Polar Researchers, Miles Away From Civilization, Catch Covid

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Antarctica covid

Polar researchers in a remote station in Antarctica have fallen victim to covid, despite being fully vaccinated and miles from civilisation. 

Two thirds of the 25 staff based in Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught the virus.

The Omicron outbreak happened despite all staff passing multiple PCR tests, self isolating and living in one of the most remote places in the world. 

Jerusalem Post reports: All of the employees at the station are in light condition and all were vaccinated with at least two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The first case was detected on December 13, with three infections. Although the three were evacuated on December 23, the virus spread throughout the station. It is equipped with two emergency physicians and all the necessary equipment on hand to treat the disease caused by the virus, as well as the ability to analyze PCR tests.

Entry to the station has been blocked until the numbers begin to drop, according to Le Soir. A virologist consulted by the Belgian Polar Secretariat stated that the outbreak was likely caused by the Omicron variant, as it was the most common variant in South Africa, the last stopover before Antarctica.

The outbreak took place despite very strict health cautions taken by the crew on their way to Antarctica.

The researchers who are at the station currently had to undergo a PCR test in Belgium two hours before leaving for South Africa and then another PCR test five days after arriving in Cape Town, as well as ten days of quarantine. After quarantine, the workers had to undergo PCR test before leaving, followed by yet another test five days after they arrived in Antarctica…

Concerning the outbreak, Joseph Cheek, a project manager for the International Polar Foundation, told the BBC that “the situation isn’t dramatic.””While it has been an inconvenience to have to quarantine certain members of the staff who caught the virus, it hasn’t significantly affected our work at the station overall,” said Cheek to the BBC. “All residents of the station were offered the opportunity to leave on a scheduled flight on January 12. However, they all expressed their wish to stay and continue their work.”


  1. Who cares So they brought it there with them to spread throughout the antarctic too They should be locked up as spreaders. Most lily because the vaccine triggered it in them anyway.

  2. ” …despite all staff passing multiple PCR tests”
    Fake tests can only give fake results, especially when testing fake viruses like the” moronic” one.
    By the way, Thomas Milton Rivers has been described as the “father of modern virology.” He was also the director of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. This is how strong is the foundation of that science that the Dr. Stefan Lanka and many others believe is fake, but that Bill Gates still find most suitable to be utilized for creating fake vaccines, that the fake news media will good-heartedly sell to the true-believing Goyim.

    • I went and got a covid test today. I figured it out. when they take your test, they ask you if you have any symptoms. If you answer yes, then they leave the sample in long enough to get a positive.
      If you answer “no”, then the may not even process it and mark you as negative.

  3. They must have caught it from the natives who are unvaccinated living in the Amazon jungle. It’s a small world.

  4. Covid has been around for 10 million years but WTF has changed is our mass at 8 billion plus and our jet setting and cruises.The DEER have covid our waste H2O is full of covid

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