Nancy Pelosi Compares Husband’s Attack to January 6th

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Nancy Pelosi

In an interview with CNN, Nancy Pelosi has spoken about the ‘attack’ on her husband

Needless to say the House Speaker wasted no time comparing the attack to the events that occurred on January 6th.

She also condemned Donald Trump as a “thug” and said that the assault on her husband has forced her to consider retiring from politics.

When CNN host Anderson Cooper asked if January 6th was comparable to the attack on her husband, Pelosi quickly responded saying “Absolutely. No question. It’s the same thing. A copycatter.”

The Gateway Pundit reports: Anderson Cooper would then stop with the softball questions and continue his interview by asking Pelosi if she has talked to her husband about the attack.

Pelosi however quickly sidestepped the question and replied “We haven’t quite had that conversation because any revisiting of it is really traumatizing.”

Cooper would conclude his last question regarding Paul Pelosi’s attack by asking Nancy if she wanted to hear her husband’s 911 call.

The House Speaker would respond by saying “I don’t think so. I don’t know if I’ll have to. I just don’t know. That’s all a matter on the legal side of things.”


  1. READ MY POEM . . . Twitter is in Nasty Pelousy’s festering fecal homeland of San Francisco, the gayest most perverted city in America where Jew Howard Levey (a.k.a. Anton Lavey) started his gay Church of Satan… ADL is going to ‘moderate’ the deep state tool Twitter while Musk gives Israeli operative Zelensky free Starlink satellite services . . . I retort, you deride . . . Cohencidence?

    • Read the history Abton levey was set up by the California Legislature that enabled him to create the Church they wanted set up. About 2 years later UN made freedom of religion global so as to facilitate the entire globe being converted. The Vatican is the only religion that has a seat at the UN.

  2. MaligNancy’s “retirement” announcement on the heels of some supposed violence against her/her family….reeks of the way Harry Reid was ousted when his actions didn’t sit well with his crime family relatives.

  3. So, was this just another LGBTQ love tryst gone wrong?

    Or was it a case of Mr. Pelosi not wanting to draw his wife’s ire again with a public DUI episode, so he decided to stay home and get hammered?

  4. There would be a movie in the true story. That intruder would be far more involved in Americas true history than any headlines in any cia controlled censored media. No freedom of speech is allowed anywhere on this planet. People are so deceived they haven’t got a clue about reality and don’t even know it.

  5. Paul offered him $50, got the bj then decided to withhold $$. No wonder his “friend” was mad! Same with the mystery guy that was in the car at the time of his DWI accident. All happen with Nancy is away on business strangely enough.

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