Trudeau Demands Social Media Companies Ban ‘Toxic’ Content

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Justin Trudeau demands social media companies ban toxic, hateful content

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demanded social media companies clamp down and censor all “toxic” content that offends people.

Responding to the recent mass shooting in New Zealand, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed the government is considering legislation to force social media companies to remove “hateful” and “extremist content.”

“This has been a subject of discussion among ministers at the Five Eyes meetings and at the G7 meetings where ample discussion has been held on how we encourage the social media platforms to move quickly and efficiently to deal with toxic communications like this that incite violence and hatred and obviously do great damage to social cohesion,” Goodale told reporters.

Information Liberation reports: It’s already illegal to plot terrorism and violent acts on the internet. This is entirely about banning content leftists deem “hateful” by acting like it’s one and the same as “extremist” violence.

On Monday, Canadian political leaders offered condolences on the floor of the House of Commons for the victims of the mosque shootings and in his speech, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hinted that more needed to be done to crackdown on those spreading hatred and violent content.

“The path that we’re going down is dangerous and unsustainable. People are tired of fighting this alone, without the full backing of their leaders,” he said.

“But we can take a stand, here and now, in Canada and around the world, and say that enough is enough. That the days of spewing hatred and inciting violence without consequences are over. We owe it to the people of Christchurch.”

A poll just a few weeks ago found most Canadians believe Trudeau “has lost moral authority to govern” and “half of Canadians believe he should resign.” 

Nonetheless, we’re supposed to believe he’s the expert on what the public wants.

Goodale said it is clear the public is losing patience with social media companies.

“I think the public is beginning to lose some patience with the ‘we’re doing our best’ argument. They want to see effective action and I think we need to examine all of the tools,” he said.

Indeed, if there’s one thing the public is angry about when it comes to social media is that they’re not censoring enough!

The article goes on and on making the case for censorship. At one point, they even say they “could” force ISPs to block sites like 4chan, 8chan and Liveleak as they’ve done in Australia but lament that “there is far too much red tape” to do it right now.

The finish their case for censorship by suggesting online haters should be treated the same as child predators to get around their strict net neutrality laws:

Gerhard agreed, saying Canadian carriers are not allowed to block content of any kind, as this is the foundational argument for net neutrality.

Under net neutrality, internet providers are supposed to treat all content equally. So if an internet service provider (ISP) owns the content, it cannot favour its own users.

But Gerhard said there are situations like this, and others (like online predatory websites targeting children), in which case the public good would benefit from selective blocking of web content.

“In this case, it would be up to the CRTC to allow exceptions to net neutrality, and define what those exemptions might be,” he said.

These are some really honest actors we’ve got here, folks!

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