Funeral Director Says Astra Zeneca’s ‘Rare’ Blood Clots Are Anything But Rare!

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Big pharma giant AstraZeneca has withdrawn its covid ‘vaccine’ worldwide after admitting in court documents that its jab can cause rare side effects like blood clots and low blood platelet counts.

Their admission came after the company was slapped with a class action lawsuit in the UK which claimed that the ‘vaccine’ had caused at least 81 deaths and hundreds of severe injuries.

Since the experimental covid jabs started being administered, embalmers and funeral directors from across the globe have been reporting about finding strange clots in the veins of the recently deceased, clots that they say they had never seen before.

This includes UK Funeral director John O’Looney who has continuously been crushing the official narrative surrounding excess deaths, the increased mortality of young people and the discovery of strange blood clots since the roll out of the so called vaccines.

He says these ‘rare’ blood clots are anything but rare.

As one Concerned citizen points out, now that the TV has officially told you the Astra Zeneca vaccines causes Blood Clotting you might want to check out Pfizer:

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