Streets EMPTY As Biden Arrives in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Fact checked
Streets completely empty at President Joe Biden arrives in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Joe Biden traveled to Lake Charles and New Orleans on Thursday and was met by empty streets and crickets.

None of Biden’s 81 million supporters bothered to turn up to welcome him.

VIDEO: reports: More crickets.


Not a supporter in sight.


“Dems Stole it” painted on an overpass on the I-10 in Metairie near New Orleans.


  1. … its too bad Trump did not have some sort of event in the same area that day, we could have had some contrast betwween the two and their popularity… 81 million supporters my arze

  2. Hitler had the power of all of the Catholics behind his election win .All of the msm and the justice department ts ,law enforcement etc But they then had the Propaganda Ministry to construct rhe scenes .Obomber I believe made it legal for americans to be propagandists.Its a new opportunity for them. They’re just beginning .

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