‘Non-Toxic’ Gas To Be Released In NYC Subways In ‘Bio-Attack Readiness Test’

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NYC subways

New York City’s response plans for a chemical or biological attack will be put to the test this month as part of a study of the city’s subway system.

The MTA says the Department of Homeland Security will conduct their experiment alongside a team of researchers and city agencies. They will be releasing a non-toxic gas in about 120 locations operated by transit agencies.

According to the DHS, the test will take place at Times Square, World Trade Center Complex, Union Square Park, the Union Square subway stations, as well as the Oculus transit hub.

The tests will be conducted on five separate days between Oct. 18 and 29 during which time it’s likely that researchers and police officers will be seen inside and outside of subway stations.

NBC New York reports: Straphangers and anyone in the vicinity of testing operations is advised that the gas is non-toxic and poses no health risk to the public.

The study simulates “the aerosol release of a biological agent in a densely populated urban environment.”

“The study will track movement of non-toxic material and the results from these tests will be used to learn more about the relationship between airflow in street level and underground environments,” the MTA said.

Commuters can expect to see teams of researchers working at locations scattered across the city both above and below ground.

The study is part of ongoing testing under the federal Urban Threat Dispersion program. New York City has been tested before, back in 2016, as have other major cities including Washington D.C. and Boston.


  1. I sure hope they thought this plan through. Decades ago they released a common and “harmless” strain of bacteria in the San Francisco bay area subway system for exactly the same reason. It killed several people.

      • Howdy MsV369. I suppose they are concerned that a terrorist will release either a nerve gas, a bio weapon, or a dirty bomb into the subway. What they are doing is attempting to make a body count estimate. Like all government reports, it will move up the food chain and the managers will cut that estimate in half to minimize the risk of diverting previously earmarked funds into constructing emergency sensors and isolation bulkheads throughout the subway system. The attack will happen, the death count will be thousands of people higher than the published report predicted, and Congress will end up spending ten times the money to repair the damage than it would have if they simply implemented the protective steps in the first place.

        Yes, sooner or later it will happen. After Pearl Harbor, we tried to protect ourselves by abandoning our isolationist foreign policy and replaced it with a policy of deposing hostile governments or, as in the case of China and Russia, at least containing their military conquests as best we could. After 60 years of doing that, the American people have given up on the process. Unfortunately, the only alternative is returning to isolationism, which gave us the Pearl Harbor attack in the first place.

        I’m not saying I have the answer. But when a government actively supports terrorists using weapons of mass destruction, what do you do? Let me give you an example. When al Qaeda asked the Taliban if they could operate out of their country, they said yes. That allowed al Qaeda; in addition to openly training their men in camps; to manufacture, transport, and store a variety of very dangerous weapons. When al Qaeda took out the Twin Towers, we asked the Taliban (that we had a fairly good relationship with up to that point) to turn over the al Qaeda terrorists to us. They said no. So we helped the Northern Alliance defeat the Taliban Army. That opened up access to documents and equipment that significantly helped the US understand and dismantle much of the al Qaeda terrorist organization. Some of the arrests and the details of planned attacks became known to the public. Remember, this is all 20 years ago.

        On Sunday October 14, 2001; The London Times reported that a Libyan was arrested in Munich, and that secretly recorded tapes (made by Italian anti-terrorist police) revealed plans by followers of Osama Bin Laden for an attack in Britain, Germany, and Italy using 10 liters cyanide gas.

        On December 22, 2001 the Miami Herald reported that Anti-Taliban fighters (Northern Alliance) discovered low-grade uranium, cyanide and other poisonous chemicals in an underground al Qaeda storage facility near the Kandahar airport after they captured it two weeks earlier. “I saw it with my own eyes,” Haji Gulalai, Kandahar’s security and intelligence chief, said Friday. “There were large machines, and those things were inside sealed containers. We gave it to the Americans because it was very dangerous, and we do not know about such things.” The U.S. officials, said that al Qaeda intended to use the uranium-238 found in the complex to make “dirty bombs,” which use conventional explosives to spread radioactive material over a wide area. Such a bomb could render large zones unusable and require lengthy and expensive cleanup efforts.

        On December 30, 2001; the Hindustan Times reported that Documents found by the paper in a number of Al-Qaeda safe houses in Kabul indicated that the outfit was studying how to produce botulin poison in batches strong enough to kill 2,000 people. The group had gone far enough to manufacture and test certain types of chemical weapons on rabbits, including cyanide gas.

        On Wed Feb 20, 2002; Reuters reported that Italy arrested four Moroccans in possession of 10 pounds of the deadly poison cyanide and maps of Rome highlighting the U.S. embassy and the city’s water supply.

        On Sunday, November 17, 2002; CNN reported that Rabah Chekat-Bais, Rabah Kadris, and Karim Kadouri were arrested for planning to attack the London Subway with Cyanide gas, but the deadly material was never delivered to them. No doubt that was because the storage and distribution facility at the Kandahar airport was now in the hands of the Northern Alliance and the United States.

        And what should we do if Iran constructs three 20 megaton thermonuclear devices and buries them under a large copper mine? The tens of thousands of tons of Cobalt contained in the copper mine (now converted to Cobalt 60) would quickly spread throughout the Northern hemisphere, killing 90 percent of all mammalian life on the planet. All in a vein attempt to force the return of the Mahdi by a religious crazed government. Again, I do not have the answer. But I do know that nature abhors a vacuum. And if we do isolate ourselves, both Russia and China will take our place. And neither country has any morals when fighting for the expansion of their empires. I know many isolationists think the US will become like Sweden, with no one pointing weapons at them. But the US will never be a small, poor, unarmed, mountainous country that is not worth destroying.

        • MK ultra mind control will do that to people. I would bet all those terrorists have connections to these ‘globalists’ organizations (puppet masters). Just like the politicians, heads of religions, Hollywood & CEOs of too big to fail corps & bankers do. The sooner people become aware that government is not trying to protect us. The better. If they don’t theyll be manipulated by another live drill. Evil has completely united while good has never be more divided.
          We may not have the “answer” but we can start from the top & work our way down. Idk about you-but I think if we got rid of the trouble makers-(which at this point we are learning SOME of their names-but the masters have no country/passports-apparently). Council of foreign affairs, club of time, committee 300, bilderberg etc etc-this place wouldn’t be too bad of a place to make our home.
          They’re all in it together.
          And they’re definitely scared about something. If we didn’t have power why would they spend so much energy trying to control our minds?
          Just spit balling. Gotta start somewhere. Unification and bringing focus to the proper areas.
          Of course at this point they all could very well be underground now.

          • Howdy again MsV369. Thank you for your comments. I will say that you are spot on in your perception of the problem with this world. The problem, unfortunately, is that you and I have been born about 10,000 years too early. I have often said that humans are within arms reach of the evolutionary tree that we climbed down from. What I mean by that is that although we have stepped on the moon, our brain (as a species) isn’t developed enough to be able to properly think. What I’m talking about is the type of people who tend to seek out positions of authority, and the mindset (call it born brainwashing) of the people who do not. At some point in the future, go to Youtube and type in a search for “Woman Apologizes For Dumping Cat In Bin”. This is a great living example of a Sociopath in action. They cannot feel emotions. They “mimic” emotions. They can become frustrated and angry, but the true emotion of hate escapes them. More importantly, they cannot feel love or empathy. To the point of this discussion, they do things to other people and animals in order to stimulate themselves. Key to recognizing the work of a sociopath is that the harm they inflict on others is completely without any apparent motivation (like dumping a cat in a trash can that would eventually kill it). One in every 25 people is a sociopath, and they tend to gravitate toward either management or prison. Now consider the people who form the bulk of our population. Look up the Milgram experiment. Wiki does a great job of giving the overview and includes additional references to further reading. The experiment points out that the majority of our population, once given an order by even the lowest level of recognized authority, will follow orders well past the point of their personal conscience.

            The combination of these two types of people is the cause of all the world’s man made troubles. In simpler times, we would just call them “evil”. They are almost indistinguishable in society, until they act out. They cannot be changed, and society has no mechanism to spot and isolate them before they do their damage; whether that’s putting a cat in a trash bin, ordering the murder of several million kulaks, or constructing and detonating a doomsday bomb to force the return of the Mahdi.

            Probably the most profound evolutionary step we could make since the discovery of the wheel, is the development and implementation of a widespread Sociopath test, make laws that would prevent them from having children, and force them to only work as uneducated farm labor. Dealing with the “born brainwashing” characteristic can be fought with education. Like you said, “Gotta start somewhere. Unification and bringing focus to the proper areas.”

          • Newspunch has been deleting posts of mine as well. Only a matter of time before they shadowban us permanently. RT shadowbanned me, then when I created another account they would say I violated their terms (with posts like RT is great!)
            It’s clear we have bots attached to us. So we must be on to something. I remember when RT started to hide my posts-it was after they sent me a multiple answer survey that at the end asked what I would do if they removed the ability to post comments. They didn’t have “what I would do” to choose from. To bring things into perspective-all my posts were highly appreciated because I would systematically bring everyone’s attention to the divide and conquer programming and to unite against the evil currently “in charge”.
            So no unification posts allowed. Definitely no links that share that message. But they’ll let, “death to ‘insert country or race/gender here”all day everyday.
            The only reason I’m back to posting is because RT switched to disqus. So when you see I stopped posting-you’ll know I was blocked. I didn’t just walk away from this very important message. Get on odysee/lbry. We have a channel there. TheSearch4Truth.

          • Howdy again MsV369. Thank you for your comments. I will say that you are spot on in your perception of the problem with this world. The problem, unfortunately, is that you and I have been born about 10,000 years too early. I have often said that humans are within arms reach of the evolutionary tree that we climbed down from. In my original post I went on to explain further in detail. I can’t imagine why Newspunch deleted it though.

  2. Using NY for a test run before they get some foreign agent to relaxes it somewhere else and pretend someone else did it. The real truth about the evil hiding behind everything, every interaction of the punlic with them, really needs to expose rather than these constant red herrings always to cover the corporate cannibals tracks As explained by the song of the same name. People nerd to know what’s going on behind their backs 24/7.

    • Basically their dark winter operation.
      Maybe this non toxic gas can get the smell of urine out of the air.. probably not

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